Kiss You

Sequel to Reality Ruined my Life. When all of One Direction is engaged, and Eleanor and Louis have a baby on the way. What challenges will they face?


16. Home

Sydney's POV Harry and I were leaving early. We had to go to Colorado before the tour to have my mum see her grand kids. It was five in the morning when we were getting up to leave. "Ready?" Harry asked. I nodded. He took all the bags, and I took the babies. The car came, and took us to the airport. We had the private jet take us, and they would come back, grab the others, and take them to the first tour location, and come back and pick us up. We got on the jet, and after countless hours of flying with newborns, we landed in Colorado at 8am MST. We got off the plane and wore our 'disguises' so people wouldn't mob us with Darcy and Karter. My mum was waiting for us with my cousin. Disguises don't work with mothers, obviously, because the second she saw me, she smiled. We walked to the car quickly before we could hug, or catch up, or anything. Before we got in, we gave Payton and my mum hugs. There were eight seats, so I sat in the middle row with Darcy, Harry sat in the way back with Karter, and my mum and cousin sat up front. We were in between conversations when Payton turned around. "Have you called Justin yet?" She asked. I shook my head. "I could call him now, and you two could talk!" She gave me a nervous nod. I scrolled through my contacts. "Justin Bieber" I pressed his number and it started ringing. He picked up. "Hey Sydney! What's up?" Payton smiled. "Hey! Harry and I just got into Colorado, and my cousin is here. She's a really big fan, and I was wondering if you would talk to her for me?!" "Of course I will!" He responded. I handed the phone to her, and it seemed like they were talking the whole hour ride home. We pulled into the same old garage. "Okay! Well I'm home! I'll get your number off of Sydney's phone, and I'll text you! Bye!" She handed the phone back to me. "Dang girl! You work fast!" She blushed and giggled. Harry handed me Karter, and he grabbed the bags from the back. We walked up and put everything in my old room, and walked back into the living room with Darcy and Karter. My mum was sitting on the couch. "Do you wanna hold Darcy? Or Karter?" I asked her. "Can I hold both?" She asked. "Well, of course!" I handed her Karter first. She held him for a while, and we switched babies. We laid a blanket down on the ground and put Darcy and Karter next to each other. My mom looked at me concerned. "What happened to your dad?" She asked. Tears filled my eyes. "He's in prison for life." I told her. "What'd he do to you?" She asked gently. I lifted up my shirt a little but, and there were scars, all over my belly, my arms, and my legs. She looked at me shocked. "I'm so sorry." I nodded. If I were to reply, the tears in my eyes would spill over. After a homemade dinner, I was putting Darcy and Karter down. I started singing. "Isn't she lovely. Isn't she wonderful." Harry came over and joined. My mum came in and quietly listened to us. The kids fell asleep, and we stood up. "Do you guys want me to watch them tomorrow?" She asked. I looked at Harry. "It'd be hard but, are you sure?" She nodded. "How hard can it be to watch grandchildren?! Besides. Your cousin and aunt can help." We agreed and told her goodnight. We laid in bed. I fell asleep in Harry's arms while he sang me to sleep.

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