Kiss You

Sequel to Reality Ruined my Life. When all of One Direction is engaged, and Eleanor and Louis have a baby on the way. What challenges will they face?


7. Godparents

Narrator: Months went by and the tour was over. Eleanor was due soon, and Sydney's dad and been sentenced to life in prison. In the visit to Colorado, many of Sydney, Brittney, and Paige's old classmates were acting fake. They were all back in London, and things were as normal as they could be.

Lou's POV
"Lou, it's time." I heard El say. "What?" "It's time." She said pointing to her belly. We quickly packed things for her and the baby and headed off to the hospital. I called the boys and told them to get here. They were all here within a matter of minutes with the girls. It was a few hours before baby Lucas James Tomlinson was born. I let the group in after he was born. "Say hello to your little nephew. Lucas James Tomlinson." I told them. "Can I hold him?" Sydney asked. I nodded and handed Lucas to her. Sydney, Harry, and Lucas looked like a family. Despite the fact that Lucas looked like me and El. They passed Lucas around. "Godparents? I whispered to El. "Harry and Sydney?" She asked. Brittney and Liam passed the Lucas back to Harry and Sydney. "Harry, Sydney." I started. "Will you be Lucas's godparents?" El finished. They looked at each other smiling. Sydney had tears in her eyes. "Of course we will." Sydney replied.

Paige's POV
Niall and I went back to our flat. I got a call from Sydney. "Paige." She was crying. "What's wrong?!" I asked. "Can you come pick me up? I'll explain later." "I'll be right there." I told Niall and I went to get her alone. I showed up at their flat. She came out with a bag and she was crying. She got in the car. "What happened?" I asked hugging her. "Harry's cheating on me..." She said sobbing. "Okay. Well let's get back to the flat and you can explain to Niall and I. She nodded and the whole way she was crying. She really loves him and I thought he loved her. We got to the flat and we walked in. Niall ran to Sydney and gave her a hug. Niall was like her brother, but nicer. Trust me, I know her brother. "What's wrong?" He asked her. "Harry cheated on me." She said sobbing. "What?!" He was mad. "Sit down and please tell us the story." She nodded and obeyed. "Harry left to go get us some lunch, and he left his phone. It started going off so I looked at it and there were texts from Taylor Swift. I looked through them and he was telling her that he loved her and all this crap." "They're just friends." Niall tried telling her. "Umm from what I saw, it doesn't look like it." Niall got up and walked out the door.

Harry's POV
I came back from Nando's and Sydney wasn't there. I saw my phone and before I could grab it, there was a bang on the door. I looked through the peephole. Niall was standing there. I let him in. "How could you cheat on Sydney?!" He yelled. "What're you talking about?!" I yelled back. "Hand me your phone!" He yelled and I gave it to him. He went to my conversation with Taylor. "This is what I'm talking about!! You left your phone and Sydney went through it and she found this." He was still yelling at me. I looked at the conversation. I couldn't believe I had done this. "I don't know why I did this..." I said quietly. "You have a perfectly good fiancé. There's no reason to do this." He wasn't yelling anymore. "Sydney's going to be spending a few days and mine and Paige's flat. When you come up with a good reason for doing this, come talk to me. Then, maybe I'll let you talk to her." And with that, he left. I broke down. The love of my life, left because of my stupidity.
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