Ellie has always loved one boyband. One Direction. She's obsessed with Tumblr and Twitter. She's not the most popular girl in school, so you can definetly say reality ruined her life. But when her biggest dream gets transformed into a nightmare.... Can she switch it back?


18. Understand.

 After the hospital, I was taken back to Harry's apartment, and in bed for a few days, unbothered. The boys came in to give me food, and even asked how I was doing. They were almost... nice. I was almost fooled until I thought about how bad I was going to get it when all this was over.

The events from the night before hadn't really hit me until the next day. It didn't really process through my mind. I had tried to commit suicide. I almost ended my own life. 

I never thought I would ever even think about suicide. Yeah, girls at school weren't the nicest, but they could never really get me down. My older brother, Lucas, had suffered from depression, and took his own life when he was 16. I was only 12 at the time, but I still understood what had happened. He didn't like his life anymore. He didn't like the people in it, and just the way it was going. What I never understood though, was why he didn't give it a chance to get better. Everything gets better if you give it time. You have to give time a chance to change. You have to wait in order for good things to happen. I knew all this, even at the age of 12. I never thought I would let people so negatively influence my life enough for me to want it to be over. But maybe Lucas wasn't thinking when he did it. Maybe he just saw the chance and took it. Like I did. But it didn't work out for me, so maybe it was time to take my own advice and wait.

Maybe somewhere, out there, someone was looking for me. 

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