Ellie has always loved one boyband. One Direction. She's obsessed with Tumblr and Twitter. She's not the most popular girl in school, so you can definetly say reality ruined her life. But when her biggest dream gets transformed into a nightmare.... Can she switch it back?


10. Out

I was sort of lost. But who cares? I was out.

They had no idea I was gone. Ha.

It was really cold. I needed to get back to my house. In America.

Damn. I'm in London.

I grabbed Zayn's phone, and called my mom's cell phone number.

It went straight to her voice mail. Of course it did.

I looked into a store, the television was playing. "MISSING GIRL". It read. WHAT. There was a picture of me. Underneath it said "parents claim she ran away. If found and was kidnapped, parents get sued. HELP THIS GIRL!"

Shit. So now I pretty much have to get home on my own, unless I want my family sued. I flagged a taxi over, and asked to go to the airport.

It was an hour's drive, he told me.

Yay. An hour in a smelly car with a scary-ass man.

He looked back at me, and smiled, showing off his gold tooth. Creepy. 

I pretended to be texting on Zayn's phone, so he wouldn't make conversation. I also made sure to turn off location services. Chances are, they are all still asleep. Good.

I saw the taxi driver's Blackberry on the dashboard next to him. I was scrolling through Zayn's twitter. I started following random girls, just for the fun of it. 

A shiver ran down my back as I wondered what they would do to me if they caught me.

They wont catch you, I told myself.

The taxi driver's Blackberry lit up, but he didn't see it, his eyes were on the road.

I craned my neck forward to see who was calling him.

It said "INCOMING CALL: Harry Styles". And the screen was covered in a picture of the five boys I was most scared of.

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