Ellie has always loved one boyband. One Direction. She's obsessed with Tumblr and Twitter. She's not the most popular girl in school, so you can definetly say reality ruined her life. But when her biggest dream gets transformed into a nightmare.... Can she switch it back?


11. Everywhere

My heart picked up pace.

Harry Styles?! But how the hell does he know Harry? He's a cab driver!

Oh my god. They know I'm gone. I didn't understand how but they must know. Why else would they call a cab driver at 3am?

The cab stopped at a red light. I knew I had to get out of there. I opened the car door and stumbled out into the night. I started into a sprint, clutching Zayn's phone. I turned a corner and saw a bakery, still open.

That's weird, I thought, why would a bakery be open so early?

My stomach growled. Guess I'll find out. I slipped into the bakery, and the cashier's back was to me.

"Excuse me, sir, can I have one-" I stopped mid-sentence. The cashier turned around to face me, and staring back at me was none other than Zayn Malik.

I ran out as fast as I could not looking back to see who was chasing me. I dove into a bush, shaking. There was a couple walking down the street, holding hands. I couldn't make out their faces, but they seem like they would be willing to help a lost girl.

I started walking up to them and they looked up. Their faces weren't a kind girl and boy, it was two boys. The two I hated most in the world. Zayn Malik and Harry Styles.

I gasped and ran as fast as I could, away. I turned the corner and saw a light on in a house, I sprinted up to the door and banged on it, screaming for help. I heard footsteps behind the door, walking up. I made out what looked like a man. Through the window I could just make out the face. An angry Harry Styles.

As I ran as fast as I could away from the door, everything started twisting and turning, shrinking and morphing. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a few Oak trees morphing into a human silhouette. I was going insane. This couldn't be happening. The shapes soon had intricately carved faces, whom I recognized instantly. 

There were at least a hundred Zayns and Harrys around me. I screamed, and started crying. This isn't real, I kept telling myself. They all had the same smirk Zayn and Harry had on their faces when they knew they got to keep me, and they knew that they had won. 

No. I won't let this happen. They started closing in on me from all corners of my vision, their hands outstretched. 

I let my body go stiff, falling towards the sidewalk. I let my head hit the concrete. I let my vision go black.

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