Ellie has always loved one boyband. One Direction. She's obsessed with Tumblr and Twitter. She's not the most popular girl in school, so you can definetly say reality ruined her life. But when her biggest dream gets transformed into a nightmare.... Can she switch it back?


9. Escape

I needed to leave. Enough was enough. No one cared for me.

I grabbed a little brown backpack I found in the closet. I packed a few pairs of panties, two sports bras, a pair of leggings, two pairs of socks, a sweatshirt, and a hat. I found an empty plastic water bottle on my bedside table.

I shoved in under my shirt, and sped to the bathroom. I filled it up, put in back under my shirt and ran back to my room. I put it in the bag.

Now for cash.

I wiped my eyes and re-did my makeup. I snuck over to the kitchen table when Zayn walked up.

"Hey, El, you seen my phone anywhere?" He asked, putting his arm around me.

I shrugged it off.

"Nope. Why don't you check on the porch? You were out there a few hours ago."

"Good idea", he said, touching my hair. I took a step away, disgusted, as he walked out on the porch.

I snatched up the wallet on the table. It was Liam's.

There were four twenty's, and two ten's. 100$. Not bad. I grabbed the money and put it in my bra.

I hid his wallet under the sink, behind a bottle of Windex.

I grabbed 2 energy bars, and put those under my shirt.

Once my bag was packed, I snuck around the Liam and Harry, who were watching T.V.

I grabbed my Ugg boots and my winter coat Louis bought for me. I also put some mittens in the pocket. Who knows how cold it could get.

I put all of my stuff in my closet, and watched football with Liam and Harry.

Harry made us cheese sandwiches for lunch, feeding me mine, like his wife. Yuck.

I told them I was tired, and soon they decided they were, too.

Zayn was asleep on one of the porch chairs outside, and Liam and Harry were asleep on the couch. I didn't know where Louis or Niall were.

Now's the time. I bundled up, grabbed all of my stuff, including Zayn's phone, and made a break for the back door.

I slid it open quietly, and slipped out, the boys didn't move a muscle. I had no idea where I was going, but I sprinted as far away from that house as possible.

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