Ellie has always loved one boyband. One Direction. She's obsessed with Tumblr and Twitter. She's not the most popular girl in school, so you can definetly say reality ruined her life. But when her biggest dream gets transformed into a nightmare.... Can she switch it back?


17. Back at the Hospital

I heard shouts of unknown mens' voices, and I opened my eyes a little. I was in a hospital room. 

"Elizabeth?" An important-sounding voice said. No one had called me Elizabeth in years. I tried to sit up, but was pushed back down. 

"No dear, that won't be happening for a while. You got hit pretty hard."

Then I saw him. Niall. His eye was blue and black from the fight, and he looked glazed over from crying. "Ellie." He reached out to touch me, but I smacked him away.

"DON'T touch me" I tried to snap, but it came out sounding like a weak child.

He looked at me, confused at first, and then a look of realization came over his face. 

"I know. You'd never date me, ha." I smiled weakly, a scorning laugh coming out of my weak lips. 

"Ellie, I-" Niall started, but then Harry walked in. 


"Do you really think I wouldn't rather be dead than be captive?" I whispered sharply.

He was quiet, almost understanding, for a minute, and his eyes went soft. He inhaled deeply, blinked a few times, tousled his still perfect hair, and the fire in his eyes was back. 

"You're going to be sorry about this." He grimaced, and stormed out. 

I turned away from Niall onto my side, wincing. 

"Ellie please, you know people can't find out that I like you." He said softly.

"Then y-you shouldn't like me." I said between silent sobs. 

He opened his mouth to say something, and then realized there was nothing to be said. So he walked out the door, and out of my life. Just like that.

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