Love At First Sight

Note: This actually is true,I did like someone...Then I had a dream about him and i decided to turn it into a fanfic lol:)

Caitlin is your average teenager. School,work,eat,sleep,and all that. She isn't one of those popular girls,she thinks they're to 'stuck up.' On a normal day in science(her least favourite subject) She couldn't focus,her parents wanted to adopt a child,but she didn't know it'd be the guy she completely hated! He was one of those popular guys girls would swoon over.


2. Surprise

I walk into school and talk to my best friend,Grace, her and I have been best friends for like...ever. "What's your first class?" I ask. "Social Studies...ew." I laugh,she's just like me. We both like and dislike the same things. "What do you have?" I check my schedule and sigh. "Science." "Ugh. I hate Mrs.Kennedy!" "I know! She took away my phone because I was mother. Apparently I'm getting a surprise....yay." She laughs,"We'll maybe this time it's a good surprise?" She replies. "I highly doubt it." I open my locker and get my stuff. This is gonna be a long day.. "Alright I gotta go,Mr.Conroy is gonna get angryyyy. He literally hates me!" I roll my eyes,"Almost every teacher hates me." "Sureee..anyways,I'll see you...5th period?" I nod and walk away,not noticing where I'm going,being the idiot I am. I crash right into someone. "Hey! Watch where your-" He stares right into my eyes. "Oh sorry. I didn't mean's my fault." I stare at him awkwardly he's always been so...I don't know. He's just always ignored me. "Okay..." I walk away and someone grabs my wrist. "Did your parents tell you anything?" "What? How do you know my parents?" "Uhh...surprise..." "What's going on?" "Uh...." He pulls me into a little private area. "So. My step family hates me." "Great to know. Can I leave now?" I ask. "No. Let me explain." "But were gonna be late for class!" I felt really retarded. He's popular. He can get anyone out of trouble and he can certainly slide for being late to class. "...Hold on. Since my step parents hate me...they had put me up for adoption....and...I finally am getting new parents...." "Okay..well look at the time. We're already 5 minutes late to class..we should be going now.." "That isn't the point,Caitlin." He looks at me in the eyes..."Your parents...are my new parents." I fell completely silent. No. Way.
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