He's The One

Sydney has a rough life after her mom died of cancer. Her dad has been on and off with different girls. they all only lasts a week together. But when Sydney ecapes from her dad she reunites with her cousin Niall and falls in love with one of the boys the moment she meets him. I cant tell u any more you have to read the story to find out who she falls in love with.


2. Running Away

Syds P.O.V.

 When I got to my room and locked the door, I ran to my window and climbed onto the branch right under my window. When I got to the ground, I ran through my backyard and into the woods. I heard my dad bust down the door and search my room for me. When he realized I was not there he yelled "Sydney, I will find you and kill you!" I ran faster than I ever thought I could. When I got through the woods, I ran to the closest alley way and leaned aginst the wall and cried. I heard voices coming towards me. I saw 5 boys walking out of a club and though the alley. I reconized one but not the others but I still hid behind the trash can next to me. I tried to move as fast as I can, but me being the clumbsy one I am, I tripped over the little trash cans in my way. The boys jumped and ran towards me to help me. When I looked at them they saw my tear stained face and stared asking questions. I reconized one it was my cousin Niall. He moved the rest of the boys so he could see me to. "Sydney, is that you love?" I looked up to the beautiful face of my older cousin Niall. "Niall?" I asked with my scrachy voice. "Yes, it's me. What happened love?" He asked "I dont want to talk about it." I replied Niall hugged me and looked at the boys and mouthed something and picked me up.

Nialls P.O.V.

Me and my friends had a great time at the club. While walking back to our hotel we desided to take a short cut through an alley so we would not attract a big crowd as usual. Me and my four friends were talking when we heard trash bins moving and a girl toppling over. We ran over to help her out. The boys all got in my way and liked at her. "Sydney, is that you love?"I asked "Niall?" she asked "What happened love?" I asked after I saw a few bruses and her tear stained face. "I dont want to talk about it." she replied I leaned in and huged her. While hugging her I mouthed to the boys how I knew her and asked if she could stay with us. They all nodded and mouthed back yes, so I slowly picked her up. While walking to our hotel she fell asleep in my arms. She looked so beautiful. I have not seen her since the funeral. When we got to our hotel I took her to my room and layed her on my bed. The boys followed me and sat on my couch and watched a movie and I was thinking about what happened tonight. When the movie was over the boys left and I walked to my bed and layed with Sydney.

Harrys P.O.V.

Sydney is so beautiful. Her long beautiful blonde hair and bright blue eyes. I knew nothing about her besides the fact that shes Niall cousin. I think I liked her.... no I loved her. Shes mine I will make her mine.

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