He's The One

Sydney has a rough life after her mom died of cancer. Her dad has been on and off with different girls. they all only lasts a week together. But when Sydney ecapes from her dad she reunites with her cousin Niall and falls in love with one of the boys the moment she meets him. I cant tell u any more you have to read the story to find out who she falls in love with.


3. Meeting the boys

Syds P.O.V.

When I woke up I noticed Niall laying next to me staring into my eyes. I suddenly remembered every thing that happened last night. "Goodmorning love, sleep well?" Niall asked I smiled and replied "Yes." "Why did you run away and have all those bruses?" he asked. I stoped and looked at him for a minute and finally brought up the courage and told him all about it. When I was done we were both in tears and he vowed to never let me get hurt like that again.

Nials P.O.V.

I woke up and saw Sydney still sleeping there. I just sat there looking at her before she woke up. When she woke up she looked at me. She just sat there maybe she was just thinking about what happened last night and how she ended up here. "Goodmorning love, sleep well?" I asked she smiled back "Yes." she replied "Why did you run away and have those bruses?" I asked. She stoped and looked at me for a while then finally told me. When she was done telling me we were both in tears I vowed to never let anything like that happen again. Right after that the boys bursted into the room.

Syds P.O.V.

The boys bursted into our room. They are in a band named One Direction. They are in the X-Factor trying to win and I know they are gonna win because they are really good singers My thoughts were ended when they all jumped up on the bed and started jumping on it till we sat up. Niall looked at me and and smiled then shoved the boys off the bed making them land on each other on the floor. "OUCH!!!!!!!!!! Screamed Zayn who landed on the bottom "If you messed up my hair you all will die!" Zayn yelled. "Zayn, your hair is fine." I replied he smiled and stood up and looked in the mirror to make sure I was not lieing then smiled and put the mirror away. Every one was quiet for a minute, Harry was the first to break the silence. "Hi, I know we have not properly met. Im Harry Styles." He said "Hello Harry, Im Sydney, Nialls cousin." I replied. The rest of the boys introduced themselves and said one thing about themselves. Harrys the flirt, Zayn is shy and mysterious, Louis like carrots, and Liam is afraid of spoons. I giggled at his statement and he looked at me like i was crazy. Everyone started laughing. "So whos hungry, because Im starving!" Niall asked. Everyone screamed "ME!!!" and darted into the kitchen leaving me and Harry behind. We got talking and learned alot about each other. I think Im falling for him. Nial came in and told us that breackfast was ready. Me and Harry got up and walked to the kitchen to eat but Niall grabed the back of Harrys shirt and pulled him back. He was talking to him but I couldent tell what it was about. So I just walked in and sat with the boys at the table I sat by Zayn and when Harry and Niall came in, Niall walked over and sat by me. Harry sat infrount of me and stared at me. Every once in a while he would smile at me. I wonder what he is thinking about and if it was about what Niall had said to him.


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