He's The One

Sydney has a rough life after her mom died of cancer. Her dad has been on and off with different girls. they all only lasts a week together. But when Sydney ecapes from her dad she reunites with her cousin Niall and falls in love with one of the boys the moment she meets him. I cant tell u any more you have to read the story to find out who she falls in love with.


1. The Murder

Syds P.O.V.

I woke up to another fight between my dad and his new girlfriend. It has been like this since my mom died of canser 7 years ago and I am now 17. Every time my dad lost his girlfriends, he would take it out on me. I have several bruses and scars all pver my body. "Sydney, get your ass down here now!" Hollered my dad. I knew I would be abused more. I always did. I slowly waled out of my room into his. I was scared. The last thing I heard from the fight was Reagan scream and a boom. When I got into his room I saw him smilling and pointing at the floor. when I looked to the floor I saw Regan with a kniff in her chest and a big puddle of blood around her. I looked at my dad with tears forming in mu eyes. "Now its your turn." he said smilling evily. I turned and ran to my room and locked the door. My dad quickly followed behind.


Sorry for the short chapter. I promise that there is One Direction and more things coming . Thank you for reading this!!!! love all you Directioniers!!!!!   

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