Clorgan : The diary of a lonely man


1. Assembly

I stood in the bitter cold, in front of 11H, worrying that the cold would trigger frostbite that would cause old little morgan to fall off. Thats when I saw her, and a warmth radiated within me from inside out. I glanced longingly back across the road to my black shiny motorbike - it would've looked sexy had it not got a bug fat 'L' stuck to it. Oh how I wished I could sweep Cheryl off her feet now and dissapear into the distance - just like that time with Katya long ago. I couldn't help but stare as Cheryl sauntered up the line of her form as if it were a catwalk rather than a row of insolent year tens. At every name she called I imagined it was mine. 'Yes Miss' I muttered under my breath, smiling to myself gleefully. When she had finished at the end of the line she swayed and shifted from foot to foot. There was an illusive air about her that showed she new my eyes were on her. Biting her tongue and grinning, she edged her way down the line, continuing to sway. I watched her bum as it teetered from beneath her coat, which seemed as if it were my prey...and I was the lynx. I thought i remembered to put it on this morning, or did I use the Nina by nina ricci?
All of a sudden this encaptivating chase was drawn to an end, she turned around abruptly, frightened. She looked down at my hand...which had clutched her bum without me remembering. Little Morgan got excited. 'Groins' I said looking down at her. She bit her tongue again and winked. Rawwwwr baby the lynx was back in the hunt. but then the brown bitch killed the mood and gave some drivle about alphabetical order and that and Cheryl went back up the row, little morgan tracing her every move like a radar.
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