Everything Happens For A Reason (Harry Styles fanfic)

Mary is just a normal high school girl who got the once and a life time chance to go meet a famous boy band, One Direction. As soon as they come out of the gate the heart throb, Harry styles catches her eye. What will happen when she begins to fall head over heels for a boy loved by millions?


2. Chapter 2


Alyssa and I move down the table the boy were at. I gave Liam a high five, held Zayn's hand, got a Horan hug by Niall, hugged Harry, and held Louis hand. By the time we were at the end of the table, I though Alyssa was going to have a heart attack. She was breathing so hard, and sobbing. While we were walking away from the table, I could feel a pair of eyes on us. At first I though it was because Alyssa was crying and holding her Take Me Home CD tightly to her chest but she wasn't the first girl who walked away like this. I shake it off, laughing slightly. It was more like a nervous laugh then anything else.

Alyssa, calm down. If you're like this talking to them for a minute,well I shouldn't say talking because you didn't say a word, how are you going to be back stage?” Alyssa's mum and mine got together and surprised us with One Direction tickets and back stage passes. Alyssa passed out when she first laid eyes on them. I'm not even joking when I say that. She screamed and screamed and ran around the house until, she passed out cold on the floor. Alyssa shrugs her shoulder, wiping her face with the back of her hands.

Mary, Niall held my hand, he held my hand!” And with that, she started crying harder. Alyssa has always loved Niall. She has since all the way back in 2010 when we found out about the boys while looking at random stuff on YouTube.

I know Alyssa, I know. Just calm down, okay?” I smile down at her as we walk down the stairs in the mall. On the outside I was calm, but on the inside I was freaking out. I couldn't wait for tonight. Hearing them live, and being able to see them again. To see their smiles, hear their voice. Tonight was going to be amazing. I could already feel it.


An hour later.


I sit on the floor , in front of the long mirror in Alyssa's room. My flat iron is on the left side of me, plugged into the wall and warming up, and on my right side sits my make-up bag. Alyssa walks into the room holding up two pairs of jeans. One is light blue and has holes all over, and the other is a dark pair of skinny jeans.

I can't choose. Maaaarrrrryyyyy, help meeee.” She walks over and sits down beside me.

Hmm.. I would wear the darker pair.” Picking up my flat iron I run it through my hair.

Then I'm wearing the light ones.” She hopes up off the floor, leaving the darker pair of jeans on the ground next to me. She always did this. She made me pick something, and chose the complete opposite of what I said. I finish my hair just as she walks in wearing the light jeans.

My turn to do my hair, and makeup. Go get dressed. We're leaving in about a half an hour.” I get up off the floor, grabbing my bag, and walking down the hallway to the bathroom. I walk into the bathroom, closing and locking the door behind me. Unzipping my bag I pull out a black pair oh skinny jeans, my black TOMS, my One Direction t-shirt, and a black beanie. I quickly get dressed, putting my beanie on my head last. I put my other clothes into my bag, zipping it back up. Unlocking the door, I swing it open skipping down the hallway, back into Alyssa room. I walk into her room, going over to sit on her bed. As I walk across the room, I hear Alyssa whistle.

Damn. Who are you going to see looking so sexy?” She laughs slightly, putting the flat iron through her hair once more before putting in back on the ground. It took Alyssa about an hour to calm down once we got back to her house. I smile as her.

Well, tonight I'm going to a concert for this famous boy band, One Direction. Oh my best friend is going with me and we get to go back stage. Now where are you going getting all dressed up and looking hot?” She laughs striking a pose as she gets up off the floor. I knew already that tonight was going to be amazing.

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