Everything Happens For A Reason (Harry Styles fanfic)

Mary is just a normal high school girl who got the once and a life time chance to go meet a famous boy band, One Direction. As soon as they come out of the gate the heart throb, Harry styles catches her eye. What will happen when she begins to fall head over heels for a boy loved by millions?


1. Chapter 1



Waiting in line to meet One Direction was, I'm not going to lie, complete hell. There were girls everywhere. Screaming and squeaking all around me. One of those girls just happened to be my best-friend, Alyssa. I mean don't get me wrong, I love One Direction. Their music relates to me in so many ways but, lets just say, I'm the total opposite of Alyssa. She sits at home all day on her computer. On tumblr, twitter, Instagram, and whatever else she has about One Direction. Her wall are filled with posters of them. I, on the other hand, don't have a twitter, or tumblr and I don't stalk them all day. I guess you could say I was just a “normal fan”, but whats normal in this fandom?


I look down at my phone texting my mom back tell her I would be home after the concert tonight, when every girl around me starts screaming even louder then they already were. I look up just in time to see Zayn, Harry, Liam, Niall, and Louis come out from a gate that is heavy guarded. Alyssa grabs a hold of my arm jumping up and down and digging her nail into my skin I knew that was going to leave a big bruise. “Mary! There they are! Oh my god. Oh my god, oh my god!” She screams not letting go of my arm. “Alyssa! Let go of my arm! Ow!” I scream pulling my arm out of her grip and rubbing it slightly. “Oh shit sorry!” She covers her mouth seeing the little bit of blood that her nails drew. “It's fine, I'm fine. Fangirl but DON'T grab my arm.” She smiles at me before jumping up and down again. I look back up at the boys and meet Harry's eyes. I shake my head slightly closing my eyes. I mean, there was NO way Harry Styles was looking at me and not the girl behind me. I open my eyes and meet his again. He lips the words “Are you okay?” I nod my head slowly trying to act as normal as I could. I hope Alyssa didn't just see that. He smiles before he turn around and walking towards the table where the other boys were now seated and waiting.


I look over at Alyssa to see her starring at me with her moth wide open. “Did Harry Styles just..” I lick my lips looking straight ahead. Fuck. She saw.. “Close you mouth. You'll catch bugs..” Alyssa grabs my shoulders and shakes me slightly “Harry mother fucking Styles just picked you out of a huge as crowd and asked if you were alright!” I shake my head rolling my eyes. “He wouldn't of it you wouldn't of dug your nails into my arm. Look it's already starting to turn black and blue!” I show her my arms and she lets go. “Well you should be thanking me.” I look at her slightly confused. “Thanking you for what? Hurting me?” “No stupid! For getting Harry Styles to notice you! You're welcome, Mary.” She smiles at me before she starts fangirling again with the other girls all around me. Alyssa did have a point. Harry did look at me because of her but.. My arms is hurting because of her as well. I roll my eyes again and look up at of the boys watching them. They all moved with such grace. Not having a care in the world. I keep rubbing my arm trying to get the throbbing to stop. Alyssa has long nails and they went into my arm quite deep.


*2 hours later*


When we finally get to the front of the line I'm exhausted. My head is pounding and my arm still hurts. Alyssa starts crying as soon as she gets up to the table. I smile at the boys saying “Sorry guys. She gets kind of emotional..” “Aw love, don't cry. We're just regular lads.” Niall take her hand and squeezes it before signing her Take Me Home CD and passing it down to the other boys. Harry looks over and meets my eyes. “You were that girl I heard scream 'ow' when we were coming in right?” I swallow nodding my head. “Alyssa here got to excited and dug her nails into my arm.” I covers the spot where a huge bruise was coming on with my hand. “I'm okay though.” Harry keeps looking at me as his eyes travel to where I covered my arm with my hand. The bruise looked way worse then it really was. “You sure? We can get you an ice pack, or something.” I smile over at him. “I'm okay. I really am. Thanks anyway.” He nods before looking back down at the CD in front of him and signing it. I lets my hand fall back down to my side as I give Liam a high five. We shuffle down the table holding Zayn's hand, and giving Niall a hug. I get in front of Louis and he looks up at me smiling. He had a very bright smiling and I couldn't help but smile back. “Hi, love.” I give him a little wave instantly feeling like a retard. I lean across the table giving him a hug before I slide down in front of Harry. I look into his green eyes as he looks up.

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