They Don't Know About Us

17 year old Carly is best friends with 17 year old Maddy. When Carly, Maddy, and Maddy's family take a trip to California, they bump into one direction. Carly has never been a big fan of one direction, but Maddy practically worships them. Carly, Maddie, and the boys of One Direction become friends right away, but between all fights, tears, and drama, with they be able to remain friends even after the summer? Will there be romances? read this story to find out.


11. My new best friend

I've only known Molly for like, 3 hours now, but it feels like i have known her for like 3 years.  I haven't seen Maddy since the mall.  She was supposed to be home by now to help me get ready for dinner with Harry.  She hasn't answered any of my texts, and I'm pretty sure that she is still with her new BFF, Eleanor.  She replaced me with Eleanor and you know what, I'm replacing her with Molly, so ha BOOM ROASTED.  Oh god I'm such a loser.  Anyways, since MAddy couldn't be bothered to help me get ready, I invited Molly to come help.

"Oh my god, I can't believe that your going on a date with Harry Styles!" she screamed

"For the billionth time, it's not a date.  We are just friends going out for dinner." 

" yeah, okay" she said rolling her eyes.  I looked at myself in the mirror.  Molly actually made me look okay.  I would never be as pretty as her, or Maddy, but I didn't look as normal or boring as I usually did.  I was wearing a white lace shirt that Molly picked out at Delia's with dark blue skinny jeans, and toms.  Molly had curled my hair for me, and applied a little makeup.  I was ready to go on a date with Harry Styles.


Hey guys, yeah i know this is really short but i didn't know what to write.  Hahaha so my friend Liv and I have this obsession with saying boom roasted, and we are trying to get it to go international, soooo you should say it to help us by saying it to all your friends. (Yeah we kinda have no life).  Also you should check out my cousin Molly's movella called You Need Me, I Don't Need You, and her user name is Molly Horan.  I love you. k bye.




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