They Don't Know About Us

17 year old Carly is best friends with 17 year old Maddy. When Carly, Maddy, and Maddy's family take a trip to California, they bump into one direction. Carly has never been a big fan of one direction, but Maddy practically worships them. Carly, Maddie, and the boys of One Direction become friends right away, but between all fights, tears, and drama, with they be able to remain friends even after the summer? Will there be romances? read this story to find out.


12. missing

I looked at the clock.  It was 6:30, Harry was supposed to be here a half an hour ago.  I just kept telling myself that he was just running late, and that he had a perfectly good excuse.  He will be here i thought, soon.  I was on the verge of crying when I heard my phone ring.  I looked at the caller I.D., it was Harry.

"Harry, where are you?" I asked

"Oh my gosh thank god your safe, have you heard from Maddy or Eleanor?  He said.

"No... Harry, what are you talking about.  Is everything okay.?"  I asked, even though i knew it wasn't.

"No, Carly it isn't.  They disappeared.  I don't know what possibly could have happened to them.  One minute they were talking while we were signing autographs, and the next they are gone.  They both haven't been answering their phones and I was scared that you went missing too.  The rest of the boys are out looking for them, sorry i didn't call sooner."  Maddy couldn't really be missing could she?  This has to be a joke, right?

"Maddy is missing?" I whispered   I instantly felt guilty for annoyed with Maddy, for replacing her.  Molly is great and I feel like we could get to be great friends, but no one could  replace her.  Yet, while Maddy was most likely fighting her her life, I was obsessing over how I looked.  I'm a horrible friend.  I broke down into tears.


I woke up with my head throbbing.  Where am I, I thought to myself.  What happened?  I looked around.  I was in a dark room, with a disgusting musty smell.  There were no windows, and the only light was coming from a small lamp covered in dust.  Next to me was a passed out Eleanor.  She had bruises all over her arms and legs.  I was about to reach out to her, when I noticed that my arms were tied up.  Oh great.  What have I gotten into?  I just hope El wakes up soon.


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