They Don't Know About Us

17 year old Carly is best friends with 17 year old Maddy. When Carly, Maddy, and Maddy's family take a trip to California, they bump into one direction. Carly has never been a big fan of one direction, but Maddy practically worships them. Carly, Maddie, and the boys of One Direction become friends right away, but between all fights, tears, and drama, with they be able to remain friends even after the summer? Will there be romances? read this story to find out.


10. fifth wheel

Have you ever had the feeling of being a third wheel?  Well imagine a fifth wheel, it's 10 times worse.  Maddy and I decided to go shopping at the mall, when we ran into Zayn, Louis, and Eleanor.  I felt kind of uncomfortable, because I barley knew them, but apparently not Maddy.  She ran right up to them and gave them each a hug.  They talked for awhile, while I just kinda stood there awkwardly.

"Hey Maddy, do you wanna go and get some lunch with us?" asked Zayn

"Sure, I'm starving." Maddy replied, even though we just ate lunch less than an hour ago.  I was about to say something, when I was interrupted by 2 screaming thirteen year old girls.

"O-omigod, are you Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson?!? screamed one girl, and then ten more girls ran over and asked for an autograph.  Soon, Zayn and Louis were surrounded by at least 20 screaming teenage girls.  They just smiled like they were used to it while Eleanor and Maddy were off to the side talking.  I tryed to make my way over to them, but I was just pushed away even further away as more girls ran into the crowd now surrounding Louis and Zayn.

"Can you believe that Louis and Zayn from One Direction are here?" asked a girl who looked about my age.

"Yeah it's unbelieveable" I said and then started to walk away.  Just then my phone rang.  I looked at the contacts, it was from a number that I didn't recognize, but I answered it anyway.


"Hi Carly it's Harry"  My stomach did a little flip.  Oh god what's wrong with me, I'm definitely not starting to like Harry.

"How did you get my number?" I asked

"Oh Maddy gave it to me... I hope that's okay".

"Yeah that's totally fine" I said. 

"So i was wondering if you wanted to hang out?"

"Sorry, but I'm at the mall with Maddy right now"  I looked over to where Maddy and Eleanor had been talking, but they were gone.  Great, they ditched me.  "Actually, I'd love to hang out with you, Harry." i said

"Cool, I'll pick you up at about 5, and we can go get some dinner?"

"Sounds great, see you then Harry" I said and then hung up.  I turned around to see the same girl I'd been talking to earlier staring at me.

"Can I help you?" I asked

"Oh sorry, but were you just talking to Harry Styles?" she asked.

"Maybe" I said narrowing my eyes

"Sorry for being nosy, It's just that I love One Direction.  Hi, my name is Molly." she said extending her hand so that I could shake it.

"It's okay.  Do you know where I could find a cute outfit, Harry and I are going for dinner later." I asked.

"Like on a date?" asked Molly

"No, at least I don't think so, we are just friends" I said.

"Oh cool, I know of this really awesome store called Delia*s.  They have the cutest stuff..."



Hi, I just wanted to say Happy Birthday to my friend Maddy, her birthday is tomorrow.  I can't believe it, my little girl is turning 14!! Haha.  Anyways, it'd be really cool if you checked out her movellas.  She's really talented and she writes amazayn stories.  Her username is MaddyMalik1216. I love you.\



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