They Don't Know About Us

17 year old Carly is best friends with 17 year old Maddy. When Carly, Maddy, and Maddy's family take a trip to California, they bump into one direction. Carly has never been a big fan of one direction, but Maddy practically worships them. Carly, Maddie, and the boys of One Direction become friends right away, but between all fights, tears, and drama, with they be able to remain friends even after the summer? Will there be romances? read this story to find out.


5. Author's note

Hey everyone thankyou sooo much for reading my story.  I wanted to get a few chapters published to start off.  I know that One Direction isn't in it that much yet but I pinky promise that as the story goes on, they will be in it more.  Sorry that the first few chapters were kind of crappy, but i had the hardest time writing them.   I know what I want to happen in the story, but i didn't know how i wanted to get to it.  I am going to try to update at least once a week, if not more.  Also I would really apreciate it if you read my friend's story called More Than This.  Her user name is I<3Zayn.  On the cover, there is a shadow of 2 people holding hands.  I love you sooooo much


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