surprise surprise!!!

this is about a little girl who just got a laptop for christmas and then got skype on her laptop she alwasys skypes her friends when a big surprise happend !!!!


1. me me

Its here its here i say the laptop i shout and its pink and mini omg but were is the dog..............Her perants gasped oh no darling santa most of forgotte it, It dosent matter mother i say i will get a puppy someday down the line.Its now boxing day i just got skype i have all my friends as a contact i love video chatting with them its amazing i didnt know you could do such a thing ahh i say my laptop froze oh its ok it always dose that,ten minutes later oh no it wont un freeze i tryeed everything i could really be doing with a puppy right now somthing clicked into my mind and a little voice told me to type it in on google so i did, and a thing poped up saying if you didnt get somthing you wanted this year ask santa why or video call so i did and everyone gatherd round me, it was just calling hime now....... OMG he picket up "hi santa"  i say in a shy voice my mother nearly passed out when she saw him everyone gasped....."hello my dear said santa i must of give you a shock ,and we both giggled "yes  i said to santa especially my mother and another giggle we had, " so my dear said santa what did you not get from me this year i say" a puppy " oh yes he said that was most wanted this year i wonder why  you didnt get one because you are on the nice list and it dose say on your letter that that you wanted a pink mini laptop but i wonder why the puppy never came?? any way what i want you to do is when you go to sleep tonight think of me so it will give me power to fly because i used all my magic on christmas night so will you do this for me... "yes i say in a nice clear voice but then what will happen, santa says" well your just gonna have to wait and see, i say "will do santa goodnight....... That night i kept on thinking of santa.... The next day i woke on with a little spring to my step for some reason i felt very lively so i walken into the living room and i could'nt believe my eyes i was in quite a shock when a shock there was my puppy in a little basket sleeping on my sofa aww........ THANK YOU santa 

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