Monica Patel is just your average girl who lives in India. she has 1 special feature, that feature is her big, round and BLACK eyes. What happens when she runs into 5 boys that are obviously not from india. will there be love or hate, drama or peace?
"who knows whats to come?"


3. Rickshaw's and eye's

Monica's POV 

I didn't feel like coming home in my dads car so i just decided to take a rickshaw. I had a very long day at school. I an a senior in high school. (here we call high school, college). While I was in my rickshaw, I couldn't help but notice 5 boys who were riding a rickshaw and they have all gone mad! one of the boys looked like he was from Pakistan or something but I couldn't tell. I looked at the boy who looked Pakistani and he looked at me. we stared at each other for a good 30 seconds. He was so adorable. WAIT I'm not gonna fuss over 1 boy. I promised myself.

Zayn's POV

"OH MY GOD! SHUT UP LOUIS" I screamed covering my ears. Louis kept on jumping up and down on the rickshaw screaming... "GIDDIE UP HORSIE!" its soo annoying! All of a sudden I cant hear I only see. Then I see this...this.. girls eyes. Oh my god her eyes are black At least I think they were, Black or not the eyes were beautiful. As we looked at each other she blushed and then looked away ashamed. I didn't even know this girl but I hated to see her like that.

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