Monica Patel is just your average girl who lives in India. she has 1 special feature, that feature is her big, round and BLACK eyes. What happens when she runs into 5 boys that are obviously not from india. will there be love or hate, drama or peace?
"who knows whats to come?"


4. Regrets, technical breakdowns, and visitors and why does he relax?

Monica's POV

How could I have been so stupid? do I like him? i will never see him again anyways. questions were controlling my mind. Gosh I am so stupid.

Zayn's POV

GREAT! Our rickshaw broke down in the middle of nowhere because Louis was jumping up and down. Thankfully we see a city about 2 miles away. We decide to stop at the nearest building that we find. We find a huge house nearby and I take out my English-Telugu (indian language) dictionary and knock on the door. A woman answers the door and I say "Namaskaram" which means hello or greetings. The lady replies. My attention turns towards a pair of eyes peeking out the window. Wait......... The eyes are black...

Monica's POV

I hear my mom open the door so I throw the thought of the boy behind my mind. I go to see who is at the door, but I only peek through the window just to be safe. Its HIM. why is HE here? He looks tense and stiff. uh oh he spots my eyes and relaxes his body. But why does he relax?

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