Monica Patel is just your average girl who lives in India. she has 1 special feature, that feature is her big, round and BLACK eyes. What happens when she runs into 5 boys that are obviously not from india. will there be love or hate, drama or peace?
"who knows whats to come?"


1. Monica

(a/n Hey guys its Samantha! Its my first time writing a MOVELLA and im so exited!!!! if anyone has any questions then just comment and ill try to answer. im a noob at this movella thing so im sorry! bye! i love you people that sit in trolleys cause it makes no sense)

I am Monica, I live in Hyderabad, India along with the rest of my family. I have long dark brown hair (almost black) and apparently black eyes (according to my eye doctor). In my country many people fall in love. Sadly some people are arranged to get married. I'm 18, many people say its time to find 'the one' but i don't see the point in getting sad after a stupid boy breaks your heart.


(a/n sorry for the short chapter but ALOT more is to come. you guys are officially the 'people who sit in trolleys cause it makes no sense' or the 'PWSITCIMNS' how about no. AINT NOBODY GOT TIME FOR DAT!)

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