Monica Patel is just your average girl who lives in India. she has 1 special feature, that feature is her big, round and BLACK eyes. What happens when she runs into 5 boys that are obviously not from india. will there be love or hate, drama or peace?
"who knows whats to come?"


2. Arrived

Zayn's POV

"Here we are!" Niall screams. " I can't believe we are in India! OMG THIS IS AMAZAYN! Harry says mocking the fans. I cant believe it either. We are actually in India for world tour! " Its so beautiful. India, here we are!" Liam says interrupting my thoughts. I look at Louis because he is being quiet that is very unusual for him. Louis is sitting down looking at the airport wall with no emotion what so ever" what's the matter, lad? what are you thinking about?" I ask both worried and curious. " just wondering if SHE is here." poor Tomlinson has been looking for a true love for so long, who knows? Louis might find himself an Indian girl. We go get our luggage and Niall must have wanted food because he said "Lets go get some food, Im hungry!" "NO JIMMY PROTESTED" Louis said I'm glad that his back to his normal self. " Niall, when are you never hungry?" Harry says laughing. "Guys, let's go from the back, there are too many fans outside." we go out the back and Liam gets a call. Great! our driver is sick and nobody is gonna pick us up. wait I hear that there are a lot of rickshaw's (just Google rickshaw) in Hyderabad, I heard that they are really fun. Maybe we can ride one. Sure enough Louis was thinking the same thing and he called a rickshaw and we got in. we told the driver just to drive around town because we don't know where we are staying.

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