I Thought You Where The One... (Eminem Fanfic.)

I shifted uncomfortably as we stood outside his trailer park home, Marshall noticed and stared at me. "What's wrong?" He said, just a little lowder then a murmer. I shook my head.
"Nothing, it's just..." I wasn't sure how to finish, I just contiued looking intensely at my feet, wondering what I should do once he goes outside and leaves me...


1. Preface.

"Run! Run Eleanor! But you know you won't ever be able to escape me!" My dad laughed, not a normal laugh, the laugh of a man that has long gone insane. I shuttered as I dashed out the door and into the pouring rain. I could hear footsteps stomping behind me, trying to ketch up. Thankfully, I was faster. I kept running as my dads insane laughter boomed through what seemed like the world... 
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