I spy with my little eye

Jamie Sparrow is just a ordinary 16 year old girl, right? Wrong she is a spy's daughter (on both sides) who is extremely talented in the family business. Some even say she is the greatest spy to exist. Which for Jamie is a lot of pressure.

The union are after her.She has become more cunning and wise through age, it means the union want her more than ever When everyone she trust deceives her, will Doug be one of them?


2. Blame

I awoke the next morning to birds singing their own happy song, while the cockerel screeched his own version. I got dressed and clambered down the creaky staircase to the breakfast table. "Morning" my Auntie cheerily said without even turning around, "Did you sleep well?" she asked still annoyingly happy, I grunted not wanting to tell her how I basically never sleep, I keep watch to afraid of the danger. I helped myself to the cereals in the middle of the carved wooden table "I thought today we could paint your room?" she didn't even let me give my opinion she just carried on "you know make it feel a bit more like home, a bit more like you" she saw the look on my face and quickly changed her mind "Or we could go and look around the farm or walk round the fields?" there was an awkward silence for a minute "Maybe not" she whispered, obviously upset at my enthusiasm (well lack of it). "Have I done anything to upset you Jamie?" I shook my head, "Are you sure your all right?"  she pestered on. I ignored her. 

I don't mean to be hostile or mean, it's just that I act so uptight and I keep everyone out that so no one can get into my head destroy me from the inside, no one has ever come close to it, not even when dad left. "Jamie" she tried "I know this is difficult for you, to leave you home and friends to come live with me until everything it's self out" 

"what friends?" Micheal chuckled as he strode into the room, I glared at him. He was right though I shut everyone out so I don't particularly have friends and sometimes I even shut Michael out, not letting him communicate with me for days. "Michael don't say that your sister has lots of lovely friends" Aunt said, I let out a sigh which brought an awkward silence. 

"Good Morning" Mum sang as she walked into the kitchen, me and Michael grunted in reply "What are going to do today then Julie?" 

"I'm going to feed the animals" Aunt said "what about you ?" she directed the question to me and Michael

"Explore" Michael grunted

"Disappear" I whispered getting up from the table

"Oh come on Jamie" Mum sighed "Why don't you help your Aunt with the animals?" her voice dangerously cheery "Why don't you leave me alone?" I raised my voice walking out of the kitchen

"You can't still blame me for what happened you know Jamie" Mum said

"I never did" I sighed, I never blamed her for the way our lives were turned upside down

"Who do you blame?" Mum interrogated

"Dad" I sighed dragging myself outside. 

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