I spy with my little eye

Jamie Sparrow is just a ordinary 16 year old girl, right? Wrong she is a spy's daughter (on both sides) who is extremely talented in the family business. Some even say she is the greatest spy to exist. Which for Jamie is a lot of pressure.

The union are after her.She has become more cunning and wise through age, it means the union want her more than ever When everyone she trust deceives her, will Doug be one of them?


1. Humming

Someone hummed as the car twisted down the winding lanes of the English countryside, the humming soothed the ache inside the gaping hole in my chest that had appeared when Dad left. 

We were on our way to our auntie Julie's house in Norfolk, Mum said we will be living there for a few months as she gets her life back on track, she has had a few breakdown  throughout the past year due to dad leaving, she told me and Michael that he was killed in action, but naturally I refuse to believe it . My mum keeps trying to hack into government databases, looking for answers of his disappearance, we only found that his last mission was in Paris and the objective was to take down one of the Union's leaders. Mum just can't accept the fact that he is gone and he is not coming back, She has just got too much hope left in her,  she is always saying  "Missing in action, does not always mean dead" this is probably why she works behind a desk and I work in the field.

The car turned a sharp corner as we entered manicured front garden of Auntie Julie's house. Auntie Julie came running out the bright purple front door, her blonde hair bouncing as she ran. The house was pretty, it had stone walls, with bright purple window frames and a slate roof. "look how beautiful you all are" she exclaimed,  we all greeted her with a tired fake smile, she smiled back happily, which meant she A)did not have the spy genes in her veins B)was just playing along or C) we are good at our job.

After exchanging hellos and talking about how long it has been since we saw each other, Auntie Julie showed me to my new room, which was in the converted attic space. I did not bother unpacking my suitcase, I just climbed into my cold bed which was layered with a thick knitted blanket. I have never felt as safe as I did now, lying under the thick comfy duvet, feeling like nothing in the world can hurt me, but I know very well there are may things that could.

I didn't bother staying up the majority of the night like usual waiting for answers, waiting for someone to get me, worried about my mum and brother, worried about whether the Union will take them away from me to get their stupid answers, the stupid answers that have cost us so much. No, I didn't bother tonight, I've already figured out the answers, I know whose fault it is, who made us pay for something that wasn't our fault. I know where it all started, it started with dad. 

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