They are coming for me. I can't get away. I can't escape. I need to get out...need to survive.


1. Hunted

They're coming for me
I can't get away
I wish I could say
I knew where to flee

They're coming for me
Their footsteps heavy on the ground
I feel my heart begin to pound
Will I ever be free?

They are so close by now
I hear them shout my name
I want to wake up
Escape this evil game

They are mocking me
Laughing and shouting
I hear crunching of boots on branches
They have nearly found me
They are right over me
I want to scream
Death is staring me in the face
I can't get away...

One shot and it's over
I fall limp and lifeless
The hunters cheer and stand over me
One hauls me upwards to inspect my body
A freshly caught deer, young and innocent
Its life snuffed out
Like a dying candle

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