only if he new

This is a story about a girl named Paigh (pronounced Paige) who accidently meets niall horan from one direction but will they just be friends? or more? or less?


2. ch2

Nialls Pov.

"Wow she was beautiful." i wonder if she thought i was a good looking lad. wow shes all i can think about and she wants to talk again. I hope soon too..maybe ill ask her out on a date.then harry stops me and says "whats wrong love you look sick".i said "ya love sick" "well thats not good" is all he said. then i walked off to the candy machine down stairs.Still thinking of that beautiful girl i wondered if she new i was apart of the band? i was hoping not that way we could get to know each other. but honestly i ndont think she knows who i am because i think she would have went crazy like everyone else. then i told her she was good at singing what was i thinking? shes probably thinking i am a staulker or weird or something.


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