only if he new

This is a story about a girl named Paigh (pronounced Paige) who accidently meets niall horan from one direction but will they just be friends? or more? or less?


1. ch 1

Paigh’s Pov

I am packing for my two day trip to see one direction with my best friend Breanna even if we didn’t know who they were  who or what they looked like we loved the music and that’s what mattered. So even though we are only an hour away from the arena they are preforming in we are still going to a hotel so we can just relax the whole time. I am now done packing and I run down stairs to get some food. I get 3 pancakes some bacon 2 dippy eggs and some toast. When I finished it was 8 and I drove over to Breanna’s house to see if she was almost ready to go because I wanted to leave already, even if the concert wasn’t until 8pm we could still go shopping. So shes ready and we leave.about an hour later were at the hotel, we get out of the car I almost tripped I laughed as I walked into the hotel there were screaming girls and I weas scared so I ran up to the front desk got my room key . I walk up to room 2b and I love the room its beautiful. I decide to take a shower while Breanna naps before we go to the mall. I was singing the shower when someone knocked on the door. I was a little nervous I wrapped a towel around myself and answered it. It was some blonde guy he was really cute anyways he wanted to know if I was hurt coming into the hotel because of the fans. He said he saw me coming inside and followed me up, then went back down. Then he said that when he got to his room and it was across mine. then i was like they didnt hurt me. he said good then i was like you wanna talk later when im actually dressed then he was like ya sorry love by the way your a good singer i looked confused as he walked i must have been loud thats embarassing. i thought as i was getting dressed.

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