Summer 0'9

In the summer Chloe goes to England with her best friend to live with her famous dad who abandoned her and her mom when she was just a little kid. She soon hates living with him as her and her friend rent a apartment to spend the rest of there summer in London. She then meets a boy named Justin as she soon falls deeply in love with him. How will their relationship turn out? read and you"ll find out.


5. Hurting


I sat in a chair beside the hospital bed. I had my knees to my chest and tears running down my cheeks. Zayn knelt down beside me,"Everything is going to be alright, she'll be okay."

i didn't respond to him. i knew this was all my fault if it wasn't for me this never would of happened. "Chloe please talk to me." Zayn said. I shook my head.

He lifted my head up ever so slightly and kissed me on the forehead. He stared straight into my eyes. "Everything is going to be okay." i gave him a small smile only knowing that things weren't going to be okay. 

The doctor then ran into the door yelling at the nurses telling them what Lauren needed. i stood up and walked towards the doctor.

"Is she going to be okay?" i asked him. "i don't know miss." "She was hit straight on she came out of this without anything wrong it would be a miracle." "She seems to be unconscious and after just a slight look it looks like her left leg is fractured, i don't know about everything else right now."

I was in complete shock. I walked right out of the room. I could not handle this. Lauren had been my best friend for so long she didn't deserve this. As far as i knew i could of ended her life. I ran out of the hospital as fast as i could not knowing where i was gonna go.

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