Summer 0'9

In the summer Chloe goes to England with her best friend to live with her famous dad who abandoned her and her mom when she was just a little kid. She soon hates living with him as her and her friend rent a apartment to spend the rest of there summer in London. She then meets a boy named Justin as she soon falls deeply in love with him. How will their relationship turn out? read and you"ll find out.


6. Finally Something Good


I soon found myself at a park. I spotted the swings as i then sat down on them. I sat there in silence thinking about everything that just happened. I then heard someone yell. "Chloe, Wait up!" it was Zayn. He took a seat on the swing next to me trying to catch his breath.

"So Chloe." he said. "Can you please tell me what happened?" this was going to be hard, but he deserved to know.

I told Zayn everything. How Justin ignored me when i tried to hug hum and how he went straight for Lauren. Then i finally told him how i told her to get out of my car and how a pick up truck came by and hit her.

Zayn didn't say anything. He just sat there with a blank face. He leaned over towards me as i thought he was going to give me a big hug but instead he kissed me. It was perfect. I loved every second of it.

He then pulled away and quickly said, "Oh I'm sorry Chloe." "I forgot you had a boyfriend." "Awh c'mon Zayn." i told him. "you really think I'm going to stay with him after what happened?" I gave him a big smile. "Oh." he said with a grim smile, "Well in that case I'm aloud to do this." He picked me up bridal style and carried me all the way back to the hospital kissing me every so often.

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