Summer 0'9

In the summer Chloe goes to England with her best friend to live with her famous dad who abandoned her and her mom when she was just a little kid. She soon hates living with him as her and her friend rent a apartment to spend the rest of there summer in London. She then meets a boy named Justin as she soon falls deeply in love with him. How will their relationship turn out? read and you"ll find out.


10. Chapter Ten


We finally go back to Zayn's flat. I took a seat on his couch as he then joined me. "What would you like to watch love?" he asked me." about love actually, i have a soft spot for that, i said as i winked at him. He laughs and says,"of course, just don't make fun of me if i cry." "I would never." He put his arm around my waist as i gently laid my head against his chest.


"Hey Zayn, its getting late, i should get going." i said. "Already?" he asked with a frown. "Yeah i should get going, but i can't wait for tomorrow!" "What time do you think were going? i asked him. "Probably around noon, I'll pick you up then." "okay sounds great, can you take me home now?" i asked. "Sure love."

He drove back to my flat as we quietly listened to the radio. We finally got there when Zayn got out of the car and walked over towards my side and opened my door for me. "Oh what a gentleman." i said. "Pshh, i always am." he replies back with a big smile. "I got out and gave him a quick kiss. "See you tomorrow Zayn." i said as i scurried to my door. "Awh c'mon." he says. "How about a little longer?" He ran up to my door as he put his hand on my waist he then slammed his mouth against mine as he slide his tongue into my mouth. i quickly pulled away and said, Maybe tomorrow, bye Zayn." i gave him a quick kiss on the cheek and walked inside.

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