Summer 0'9

In the summer Chloe goes to England with her best friend to live with her famous dad who abandoned her and her mom when she was just a little kid. She soon hates living with him as her and her friend rent a apartment to spend the rest of there summer in London. She then meets a boy named Justin as she soon falls deeply in love with him. How will their relationship turn out? read and you"ll find out.


9. Chapter nine


"Hi Niall, nice to meet you!" i said back to him. "Nice to meet you too!' he sweetly said back. "Oh hey that reminds me!" Niall said. "You should being Chloe boating tomorrow with all of the boys and I!"


"Ugh Niall, you know how i feel about water." "Awh c'mon!" Chloe said. "I'm up for it, It'll be fun!" "Okay, i guess." i smiled at her and grabbed her hand. "Well!" Niall said. "I'm obviously intruding on you two, see you tomorrow!"

CHLOE'S POV: "Bye Niall!" i said as i waved him goodbye. "I can't wait!" Niall walked back to the bar and shortly after our food came. Me and Zayn asked each other a billion questions and i already felt so close to him, even though i only knew him for a day. We both finished out dinner and agreed we would go back to Zayn's place. Zayn payed the waitress. We walked back outside and of course the Paparazzi was still there. We got into Zayn's car and drove back to his flat.

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