In the depths of the Swedish Forest, a group of people with special powers are hidden by governments all over the world. The armies call them into any kind of situation they find they can't handle. Sabian and his friends find this highly irritable, but the pay is always good.
But when they begin to uncover the plot of a huge evil rising from the depths of the world, Sabian and his companions have to find a way to use a seemingly normal girl to even start to fight this as faced with the largest threat the world has ever found...


10. Welcoming Party

 Sylvia lay on the sand in Dover, daydreaming of her past. It had been four weeks since her visit to what her Shrink affectionately came to call the “World Of Impossibilities”. She despised the fact that adults around her believe she can relate to them if they act ‘cool’ around them. This, in every attempt, had ended in the most embarrassing failure for both parties. That’s why she always saw her friends as more of a family than her parents as her teenage companions could actually relate to her and vice versa. The fact that her parents would tear her away from her true family made her hate them even more.
 She sat up and looked around the landscape that was worth moving away from her home for was like. The gloomy clouds hung over the beach in the British fashion, making the famous White Cliffs of Dover a greyish colour, not unlike the clouds. The beach was deserted as most children were at school, but as she had only just arrived, she had been given the right to relax after her country wide travel. The small village they had found that seemed to be the most gloomy part of her new life was protected from her eyeshot by the cliffs. The main features consisted of around three streets filled with semi-detached homes, her living at the beginning of the second street, the local inn, a Greggs bakery and a Tesco’s Express garage. Every feature seemed more boring than the last in that order.
 Suddenly, a piercing scream made Sylvia bolt upright in amazement. It was only on the other side of the cliff. Then came a longer, more gurgled shout for help. Sylvia, being fueled by curiosity, hugged the cliff face as she crept around to where the shouts were coming from. She was close to the source, which was more distorted than ever now, when the sound of blades digging into flesh filled the air and it was silent. This was compensated for by the smell of fresh blood. She began to hesitate, slowly edging her way along the rock’s edge.
 She looked around quickly and retched. A carcass, hardly ripped but enough to kill them, lying on the floor, its blood spreading across the sand. She was an adult female, about mid-forties.  Her stomach had been torn open, creating an unimaginable stench diffusing around the air. She noticed the blood-splattered jewelry around her neck, a golden rose. One that Sylvia herself had bought her mother from the market earlier that year.
 “No... No, that isn’t right... It isn’t her... It... Can’t be...”
 She couldn’t hear anything. She didn’t notice anything going on around her. There was nothing but the lifeless bag of limbs that lay before her which once was her mother. She fell to her knees, taking the necklace from her mother’s body and holding it close, closing in around her. There was nothing here. No noise. No people. Nothing.
 Suddenly a harsh pain seared in three marks across her face. The feeling burnt as she held her cheek in tears. She looked up and saw a slobbering face of teeth and scars. The creature could only be related to a wolf, but with a wild, rabid look it’s eyes, and the muscles of a horse. This predator looked at her evilly, a glint from it’s eyes making it look somehow regal and yet still terrifying. Each inch of it’s body was covered by blood-soaked, shaggy hair, each paw with five serrated claws capable of ripping Sylvia’s rib cage open. She did nothing but stare at it’s magnificence. She wasn’t completely conscious to what was going on, all that stood out for her was the face approaching hers. She closed her eyes tight and wished for something. Somewhere to hide.
 Pandora’s land...
 She kept her eyes closed until her front was splashed with something. She quickly opened her eyes again and the wolf was still there, but motionless. It had just stopped. She woke up quickly and backed away from it, noticing that she had been showered by the wolf’s blood, as it had a blade going through it’s abdomen.
 “Sabian! You might want to have a look at this!”
 She was amazed at what she saw. The swordsman at the end of the blade was easily recognisable. It was the boy that was once James Hendricks. His matt-black eyes were locked on Sylvia, with another blade in his other hand, ready to strike at her at the slightest move.
 “Chaz, put that bloody sword down! She’s no challenge to us...” I called, looking her in the eye attentively. She was still marked.
 I knew I should’ve taken you in. Maybe if I had, this wouldn’t have happened...
 “I guessed that, mate,” Chaz called back, “but what about them!?”
 A battalion of the wolf-like creatures were beginning to make their way up the Dover beach, covering about 10 meters in each bound. I acted by instinct, pushing Sylvia behind the miniscule defensive line me and Chaz had created.
 “What in hell are those goddamn things!” She screamed at the top of her voice.
 “Sabian, we’ve got no chance.”
 “Hold on,” I replied, shaking a mobile phone I had grabbed from my back pocket, “I’m calling in backup. Anwyll and Souki are on their way, along with Silverblade forces.”
 I pressed the center key on the brick phone, sending a text message. The Hunters started to get within striking distance. It jumped at me, while I instinctively slung my ow in front of me. At the angle of it’s trajectory, the Hunter was jabbed in the abdomen as the strong wood bent under the surprisingly light weight of the creature. The spring force from the bow sent the Hunter hurtling from the weapon, over my head and crashing onto the sand behind me. I swiped my body around, grabbing a knife from my belt and slingshotting it around me. It made impact with the Hunter’s head with a dull thud. Sylvia jumped simultaneously, cowering in the corner. I spun in the sand to see Chaz already taking on the Hunters with his dual swords and various changeable limbs. I ran into the crowd with him, bow in one hand. I smashed it into one of the Hunter’s heads, impacting with a cracking sound by it’s jaw.
 “Where the hell are they, Sabian!? We’re going to get slaughtered like this!”
 I was about to respond when a thundering roar screeched across the beach followed by an almighty crash as something touched down behind them.Various arrows spread into the Hunters’ heads, one after another at an alarming rate. I ran back towards the noise and was met with a towering scaly creature about 20 times the size of me, it’s yellow eyes trained on the Hunters, it’s slit nostrils pumping oxygen around it’s whole muscular body.
 “The dragons have arrived!” Anwyll called from the creatures back.
 I smirked at our impending victory and turned to Chaz, who was still fighting off Hunters and wiping their blood off his face at the same time.
 “Chaz, backup has arrived.” I called as a huge thundering call spread across the cliffs.
 This was going to be fun.

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