In the depths of the Swedish Forest, a group of people with special powers are hidden by governments all over the world. The armies call them into any kind of situation they find they can't handle. Sabian and his friends find this highly irritable, but the pay is always good.
But when they begin to uncover the plot of a huge evil rising from the depths of the world, Sabian and his companions have to find a way to use a seemingly normal girl to even start to fight this as faced with the largest threat the world has ever found...


6. The Meeting Of The Forces

 Sylvia groaned and pulled herself to her feet. She was disorientated from impact. She looked up to see what she had walked into. To her surprise, there was nothing there. She looked around in confusion. Had she been pushed back in the fall? Even if she had been, it would have been pretty far for the obstacle to go out of eyeshot.
 She suddenly heard a rustling. She swung her head around frantically looking for something to hide behind. The rustling was now getting closer and sounded more like stumbling footsteps. She found the nearest small tree and hit dived to the floor. James stumbled out of the trees clutching a cut on his face. But there was something different about him. His hair looked different. And there was something about his eyes. She didn’t notice it until he looked up at the sky. His eyes had turned matt black.
 Two men approached him, armed heavily with automatic assault rifles. Sylvia gasped and edged back slowly, trying not to make a crunching sound on the ground below her which was littered with shriveled and dead leaves from the trees above. He held his hands up as they approached him, weapons at the ready and aiming at his head. One of the hands he had dug into his trouser pocket and it now held a laminated badge.
“Charka Jaylem, Scout and Darkhunter”
 Who was Charka? Had James lost it? One of the men looked at his badge and nodded at the other one.
 “General Trelhouser requests your presence in the burial hall.”
 “General!?” James sounded astounded. “Since when was Sabian a general?”
 “Since his father and Caleb came back from the leaders, we’re being told to do something big to get rid of the Hunters,” replied the second gunman. The first scowled at his colleague’s laid back greeting to James.
 “Fine, tell the General I’m on my way to him.”
 The gunmen walked off, talking to who Sylvia could only guess to be the General, when she noticed James wandering off in the other way. She quickly scanned the area and started to follow her new fascination. It was only his first day, and Sylvia was already intrigued by James, or Charka, for obvious reasons. What the hell was going on here?
 She followed him around 50 yards, ducking and diving into the shadows as various different people passed them. They eventually reached a large doorway around three times the size of her which led to a gargantuan hall that looked like it would have been more suited inside a church. The walls and ceiling were littered with Pagan and Celtic religious symbols that she recognised from the mythical texts she read in the archives of the library. It was where she went to when the world was being evil. She found comfort in reading about the lives of heroes of old ages fighting for survival of justice and a fair maiden most of the time. In the middle of the hall was a boy standing over what looked like a solid marble block. Lying on the block was a teenage girl, who seemed to be asleep. She had shining silver hair that had grown to overhang over her shoulders. She couldn’t see the colour of her eyes, as they were closed shut. She seemed to be in a state of complete oblivion from the rest of the world. Her face was perfect. Her nose ears were impossibly small and shaped like a movie star’s after hours of plastic surgery, but it looked to natural for that. She had pale skin, almost completely white. The block of marble would send a shiver down anyone's spine as it was so cold, but she seemed completely content. James walked forward to the boy stood over the sleeping child.
 “Any better, Sabian?”
 The boy looked at James and said solemnly “Nothing. Just nothing. No turning. Not even a twitch. She’s just... lying there. Like she’s not even with us anymore.” He looked back at the girl and brushed her face with his fingertips. “The worst thing is, she is the most peaceful I have seen her for years.” A drop of salt water started to form in the corner of his eye. James placed a reassuring hand on his shoulder. He inhaled deeply and sighed, as if swallowing the oncoming tears. Sylvia pondered over the relationship between the girl and Sabian. Lovers maybe? She seemed too much of a part of him to be that, but something was close between the two of them, that was certain.
 Sunlight poured in from the 30 foot high stained glass windows. Something became apparent to Sylvia. How could this room be here? There was no way a room like this could have been hidden by the shrubbery, that was impossible, so why had she seen no trace of this place ever before now? She glanced over at the two conscious teenagers in the room to see if they were still engrossed by the sleeping beauty and silently dashed over to the massive sheets of glass that covered the side wall in the room. She was thrown back by what she saw. The landscape she had believed she was in had been replaced by a huge forest complex with connected communities of platforms on the thickest trucked-oak trees that were bigger than anything Sylvia believed possibly natural. On the platforms were large shacks, built from bamboo shoots and logs. In the distance she saw a high enough mountain range to compete with the Himalayas. She looked down to see a lake about 25 miles long, 15 miles in width. There were various different communities on the shore that seemed to have the same resources as the one in the trees. Sylvia contemplated the chances of this happening. There was no way that she was still in Birmingham. Suddenly she was forced to the ground with a strong arm. Her attempts to escape stopped when she noticed a blade had been put to her throat.
 “Get up.” a familiar voice grunted. It was James, or Charka, Sylvia was still confused which one was which. She slowly lifted herself from the ground, making sure the blade didn’t touch her neck.The blade was lowered and she could feel a hard and painful grasp wrap itself around her wrists.
 “Let me go!” she screamed, “I’ll have you done for his I swear.”
 “I think you’re breaking more rules than we are.” The other boy walked across the room, swallowing tears and holding a bow in one hand and preparing an arrow to strike with in the other. “Why are you here?”
 “I was following this him!” she replied while flinging her head towards Chaz, whipping his face with her hair as she did. The boy gave Chaz a stern glare.
 “What have you done now!?” he barked.
 “This was not my fault!” Chaz retaliated, “I was sent on a recon mission by higher authority, that’s all I knew! I didn’t have a clue that this weirdo would be following me around like a lost puppy!”
 “Hey!” Sylvia exclaimed while stabbing the toe of her school shoes into Chaz’s feet, “You may be an alright looker, but believe me, you’re not my type.”
 The pain of her foot in his caused Chaz to loosen his grip. The next second, Sylvia was sprinting out of the hall and through the corridors she had followed Chaz through. She needed to get back home. Somehow.
 She realised that she was starting to approach the area she had woke up in. She knew she was getting back home. She ran for the tree that she came to by. She looked over her shoulder. Her pursuers had suddenly stopped running, looking as if they were expecting something amazing to happen. She ignored it and looked ahead. She was about to run around the tree, when she was instantly knocked cold from a blow to the head. The boys walked over. Chaz looked at his friend.
 “What do you think Sabian? That was a pretty big hit.”
 I walked over to the body lying in front of the security barrier. I nudged her lightly with the nock of the arrow I was holding to make sure she was asleep. She was still breathing, I could see that. I put two fingers on the side of her neck and felt a steady pulse.
 “She’s still with us.” I said, rising above her.
 “Damn girl must have set off the barrier when I ran through. Made me think my pass was faulty.” Chaz grumbled, staring at the security pass he had dug out of his pocket.
 “You know who she is?”
 “Sylvia Maybird according to this.” Chaz said after finding her library card that fell out of her pocket after she was knocked unconscious. “Should we keep her here?”
 “No point.” I replied, “No one will believe her. Civilians are naive Chaz, or most of them at least.” I said, implying the girl before us was this exception.
 “What do we do with her then?”
 “Get her on the other side, make sure there is an explanation for her being knocked cold. Low branch, mugged for her moblie, anything believable enough for the other Civies to accept it. Make sure this window is blocked off, so there is no chance of her coming back. We can’t have any more interruptions, especially with the current situation. I’ll wipe her memory too, just to be safe.”
 Chaz nodded and went to find some of the gunmen to help him. I looked down at the girl. She wasn’t normal. She didn’t seem it. I knelt down to her and put the five fingers of my right hand on her temple. My eyes rolled back in his head and I felt my spirit roll down my arm, into my hand and fingers, and into her mind. I explored her thoughts. Her feelings. This girl was like no Civilian I had ever encountered before. She was as mysterious as I or Chaz was to her. But what intrigued me the most about her was the fact that there were parts of her mind I couldn’t reach. These barriers could only be established by an experienced psychic. Even I didn’t know how to make them. Suddenly I found something that terrified me. I stumbled back into the brambles behind me, hyperventilating. Chaz, who had found his minions, ran over to me and tried to calm me down.
 “Sabian, mate, are you okay?”
 “Yeah... I’m fine...” I stood there, staring at Sylvia. “Change of plans. I’m going to leave her with the memories.”
 Chaz looked at me, bemused. “You sure?”
 “I have to. I’ll tell you later.”
 The two gunmen picked her up and disabled the defences to let her through. They lay her underneath an overhanging branch to make her seem she was knocked cold. They came back through and closed down the window. They then walked off, leaving me and Chaz where the window just was, me staring at the empty space and Chaz talking away, but I only realised what he was saying when he shook me out of my day dream.
 “Bro? Come on man, you’ve got to tell me what happened. Why’d you leave the memories?”
 “There’s something special about her.”, I replied, still staring into space. “I don’t know why, but I saw something inside her mind. Connected with her. I’m not sure if I’m overreacting, but I know we’ll see her again.”
 Chaz looked at me, completely disgusted. “Sabian, snap out of this voodoo rubbish. Basically you just let evidence of us being here get away because of a hunch! Pretty unrealistic one at that!”
 “Come on Chaz! Even if I’m wrong, who’s going to believe her?”
 Even Chaz couldn’t say anything in retaliation to that. No matter what she did, the mass public would never listen to her. The Civilians always make sure that their lives were as simple as possible.
 “Fine.” he replied, “Let’s just go.”
 But he was wrong. There was definitely a connection between me and her. I knew I would see her again. And I knew that the next time I’d see her was the day that the world would change.
 The girl was marked.

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