In the depths of the Swedish Forest, a group of people with special powers are hidden by governments all over the world. The armies call them into any kind of situation they find they can't handle. Sabian and his friends find this highly irritable, but the pay is always good.
But when they begin to uncover the plot of a huge evil rising from the depths of the world, Sabian and his companions have to find a way to use a seemingly normal girl to even start to fight this as faced with the largest threat the world has ever found...


7. The Awakening

 It had been about two weeks after Jake had found her. She was disorientated, delusional, really, really done in. She had woken up and the first thing she saw was the large, overhanging branch that everyone had decided was the reason for her temporary blackout. Trees can be dangerous things, sweetheart. Once again, her mother's annoying voice came sweeping through her mind. Just be glad that we’re not moving to the countryside. There'll be no trees where we are going.
 As if that was going to help her cause.
 Sylvia was dizzy when she woke up. Jake took her to the hospital just in case, but they couldn’t find anything. No concussion. No bruising. Nothing.
 When they got out of the hospital, she was confused.
 “You know for a girl who has just been given the all clear,” Jake cut in to her trail of thought, “you seem to be a tad more confused than the doctors say you should be.”
 So she told him the story. And of course, he didn’t believe her. Who would have? Close friend or not, her story of being transported to a different world, the two mysterious boys, the way James had changed, and the odd girl lying on the marble slab was just beyond reasoning with. Nevertheless, she insisted on trying to make Jake understand.
 “Okay, tell me this,” She started, “I guarantee you that if you ask anyone, they’ll say they saw him running into the shrubs leading to the college grounds. Why was he doing that?”
 “He was probably sneaking in to see his brother, I hear he goes to the college.” Annie said as she walked over. Obviously she had heard the rest of the conversation.
 Sylvia sighed and put her head in her hands with an exasperated groan. “Guys, I’m not going insane!”
 Jake pulled her hands from her face and clutched them in his. “We’re not saying you are, Sylvie. We just think you should see someone about this.”
 She looked at them both with anger. “What’s the point if my two best friends don’t believe me?”
 She walked off without a retaliation, leaving her two friends to look on.
 What Sylvia didn’t anticipate was that Jake told his mother what had happened. Helen, Jake’s mother, being her, blew it out of proportion and started talking to Sylvia’s mother about various doctors and shrinks she knew before she noticed Sylvia hadn’t told her mother.
 So now, two weeks on, she was sat in a shrink’s office while listening to her mother and father’s argument over who neglected Sylvia more or didn’t take her out enough.
 The office would be more suited in to Mr Johnson’s private study. The scent of unused leather and aftershave hung like a fog all over the furniture. She was sat in a red, leather sofa with a wooden backing and legs. The walls and carpet had a matching colour of crimson that was strong enough for someone to develop chronic claustrophobia. The huge desk that faced the large window at the end of the room looked extremely well looked after and as if it was polished and dusted daily. It was massive for the tasks it was given which were holding his tiny laptop, his pencil case and a tall pile of paperwork that had been compacted into a ripped folder.
 Suddenly, she saw a shadow move on top of one of the roofs that were visible from the window. Sylvia, now intrigued, lifted herself from the comfortable seating to observe the figure on the roof. She had ducked down to cover herself from Sylvia’s gaze, but she knew she had seen her. She lifted herself reluctantly and looked Sylvia in the eyes. The girl was dressed in a white, plain top which was torn at the sleeves and light blue jeans. Her hair was long enough to cover her shoulders. It was gleaming silver, making her squint in the sunlight reflected off it. Her eyes were a pure green, so bold they almost looked unnatural.
 She smirked as she lifted her hand in Sylvia’s direction. She felt her head begin to get heavy. She stumbled backwards into the large desk, knocking the folder off the woodworks, spreading various scriptures across the floor. She felt herself being pulled away from reality, like water being sucked into a plughole. She attempted to fight it, but it was no use. She fell to the floor and fell asleep.
 When she woke up, she was on the massive branch of a tree so high, she started to feel sick. She looked across a huge landscape of forest and communities. It was the same landscape she saw in the other world.
 “Here we go again.” She said to herself, voice shaking.
 “You might need a few answers to some questions right about now.”
 Sylvia looked over her shoulder to see the girl she saw on the roof in Birmingham. Only this time, there were two huge, magnificent wings coming from her back.
 After thinking about this for five seconds, she finally realised what was happening. An angel stood before her.

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