In the depths of the Swedish Forest, a group of people with special powers are hidden by governments all over the world. The armies call them into any kind of situation they find they can't handle. Sabian and his friends find this highly irritable, but the pay is always good.
But when they begin to uncover the plot of a huge evil rising from the depths of the world, Sabian and his companions have to find a way to use a seemingly normal girl to even start to fight this as faced with the largest threat the world has ever found...


5. Staff Meeting

 A long, black Bentley pulled up alongside the gates of the White House. A thin, muscular man with black sunglasses opened the back door and gave a salute. Caleb and Tufial stepped out and looked at the suburban scenery. A man in rectangular glasses and a grey suit with the top button undone on his white shirt greeted them with a humanitarian type smile. Tufial greeted him back with a firm handshake.
 “Hello Mr Trelhouser, Mr Kelis, and welcome to Washington D.C. I’m James Morgans, and I will be your guide today.”
 “It’s a pleasure,” Caleb replied. “I hope you don’t mind, but we’d really like to hurry this along, we are on official business.” It was obvious Jamie didn’t really know why they were there, he was just requested to bring them to the war room.
 “Of course gentlemen, this way please.”
 The two of them followed their guide. Tufial had changed from the tall, muscular and overpowering person he had been and had become normal. Well, that’s how other humans saw him. When Caleb looked at him, he saw the same man he knew, just being forced into a blue shirt and a blazer that he had trouble getting into. Psychics had developed a way of showing the appearance of our kind in a ‘normal’ form. For example, as a vampire, Cenaill has almost clear eyes and a pale skin. But in the eyes of a human, she looked like a normal teenage girl. And her skin didn’t burn in the sun, no matter what form she was in, that is a stupid myth some strange person thought would add more action and mystery.
 Writers. Drama Queens.
 They were led down various corridors and elevators. As they did, it seemed that they were passed through the  responsibility of around 50-odd identical men in black suits and sunglasses. Tufial thought about making a remark about Men In Black, but thought if he did, it might just be the right motive for them to shoot him.
 After ten minutes of walking, they were led into a large grey room with an array computer monitors and keyboards. They were all showing anything from missile trajectory to monitoring an online video. This was the very heart of the North American armed forces. Caleb was taken back by the fact they trusted the two to walk through the door. Maybe they really would pull this off.
 They sat down at the long grey table that almost spanned the length of the room. To their right sat a military advisor Tufial knew well, but Caleb was bemused by his presence as he had only just started the job as political spokesperson and had before hardly left his own bar. The man was called Simon Ferly, and was one of the main Cove advisors from Operation Silverblade, a secret organisation that was set up for ‘dealing’ with situations that concern our kind. As we were technically under custody of humans, we were obliged to help Silverblade in any way we could. Tufial had fought alongside Silverblade’s troops so many times he had now lost count.
 A door opened and Simon stood up with his hands interlocked on his front. Caleb and Tufial, not sure what was about to happen, decided that they would follow the man in the suit. Two men walked out of the doorway. One of them, white-skinned, had a large clump of brown hair that would be his fringe swept to one side and stern looking eyes as if he was about to fire someone. The other, dark-skinned, hadn’t much hair at all and was walking ahead of the other as if they were in his territory. President Obama and Prime Minister Cameron greeted them both and asked them to sit.
 “Okay gentlemen,” the President started the meeting, “we would be happy to set up
communication with the Point Two’s, but the public is still uneasy over the images that are being set up on the internet.”
 Point Two’s was the official name for our kind, almost to say that we were human race.2. I wasn’t ever really sure whether to take it as a compliment or an insult.
 “I realise that the indigenous animals from the cove are making contact with the continents, and we are at this moment writing up an extermination plan to take out these stragglers.” Caleb was always the better negotiator, but at this point he wasn’t pulling the two over. Prime Minister Cameron jumped into the conversation.
 “This has hit a tipping point, Mr Kelis. We can’t hide these behind nuclear accidents that are being kept under control, because, to be honest, they’re not. So either you do something about it and soon, or you can forget about this treaty. We need to know we can be able to trust... your kind... before we go into business.”
 Tufial looked up at the Prime Minister. Until he had spoke up just now, Tufial had decided to call him a coward, holding back any views on any topic, hiding behind his authority presented by his position in government. But now this man’s courage, no matter how buried, was showing and Tufial was interested by this. This man would obviously go far to protect his country, or if not, his name in history. If a scandal so deep as letting the whole of England be overrun by flesh eating hounds, his name would be spat upon for the rest of the country’s future. Tufial saw inside him, and wondered how long he would go without giving in. Caleb looked at Tufial’s intrigued expression. He was confused about how someone calling their kind different to his intriguing. He sat up straight, ready to say something, when Tufial nodded at Simon and the two of them stood up.
 “We accept your views, Mr Prime Minister, and will take them into account.” Simon told them what they wanted to hear as Caleb too stood up, understanding he was outnumbered, but not really sure why he had been. The three of them turned to the escort and left the large room, feeling the politicians’ eyes fixed on them as they made their way up the staircase. They reached the exit and the escorts stood by the door and indicated toward the same cars Tufial and Caleb came in. Simon walked them over to their transport.
 “That was a strange time to call it Tough Nut,” Caleb started “I was about  to tell the corporate idiot where he stood.”
 “I couldn’t let you do that, Lebby.” Tufial always called Caleb that as a way of getting his attention. Caleb turned to him in frustration.
“Why the hell not! We shouldn’t have to stand for that!”
 “Exactly. That’s why I’m going to go after the President’s alliance as a stronger one. While at the same time, leave the Prime Minister thinking he got away with this, while I find out a way to get this into the media after we’re accepted. It’ll be classed as discrimination and it’ll be the last thing the Prime Minister will ever do.”
 Caleb thought about Tufial’s logic, and then realised the fact he was right. If they wanted the President’s trust, they needed to take out the opposition. Coinciding an argument after an enemy’s failure, was the easiest way of doing this.
 “While they bicker over Cameron’s slip up, we need to control the infestation.”
 “Oh you don’t need to worry about that.” Simon cut in, “I already have people on that.”

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