In the depths of the Swedish Forest, a group of people with special powers are hidden by governments all over the world. The armies call them into any kind of situation they find they can't handle. Sabian and his friends find this highly irritable, but the pay is always good.
But when they begin to uncover the plot of a huge evil rising from the depths of the world, Sabian and his companions have to find a way to use a seemingly normal girl to even start to fight this as faced with the largest threat the world has ever found...


9. A Harsh Reality

 “Where are we?” Sylvia asked as they looked over the alien landscape.
 “A valley protected from eyeshot by a armed barrier in Sweden.” The girl sat there playing with an old piece of cloth shaped in a Pentagram. “We made up the story of a radioactive piece of land created by the strongest radiation spike from Chernobyl. I believe that lake is called Skogsviken.” She pointed to a massive lake not far over the hills.
 Sylvia looked to the girl. “And who are you?”
 “I am Pandora Trelhouser. Which also means we don’t have much time before my brother, and no doubt being trailed behind by his friends, will come looking for me, so I’ll keep it brief. You came through a rip in the fabric of this world that I created to pull you through.” She directed her head behind Sylvia as an implication to look. There was a circular shape behind her that was floating above the ground. It was completely transparent, but the image that was going through it was refracted and rippled, almost as if she was seeing a reflection from still water .
 Suddenly Pandora flinched and looked behind her shoulder.
 “What is it?” Sylvia asked, anxious.
 “My brother. It seems they may have found us.”
 Pandora grabbed Sylvia’s hand and threw it where the rip had been, but it was no longer there.
 “Goddammit!” she cried.
 “What’s happened? Where’s it gone?”
 “My stupid idiot of a brother put my mind off keeping it open. I need to find the next weak spot to open one.”
 Sylvia saw a flick of dark hair crop up above the shrubbery. Instantly she shoved Pandora into a hedge and jumped in after her. Pandora praised her reflexes as quietly as she could without seeming insincere and peered through a gap in the hedge. Sylvia saw three boys there. She recognised two of them instantly. One of them was the imposter she had believed to be James Hendricks. The other was his friend who had stood above an asleep Pandora in her last encounter. The third she couldn’t recognise.
 “Hayden Jarone.” Pandora answered the question that Sylvia had not yet asked. “He is the Cove’s Top Junior Health Advisor. Has worked wonders at the Infirmary and the clinic.”
 “How did you...”
 “Did I not say? Everyone here has... differences. That’s why we’re here, to hide away from the public eye and any citizen who may be concerned by our presence, but in situations in where they are certain that the army has lost all control of a situation, they send us in. We have powers. I, and my brother, are powerful psychics, which is why you saw me in Birmingham on top of the building. I was connecting with you, using my image to pull you through here.”
 “Okay...” This was a lot to take in, but this explanation was as good as anyone else was going to give, she might as well hear Pandora out.
 The boys looked around the ground for about two minutes looking for something, probably evidence that the girls were there. Her brother stood up, sighed, and ordered the other two to move along with him. Within another few seconds, they had gone. Pandora tugged Sylvia from the sharp needles of the bush and pulled her by the hand down the path leading down to the community.
 Pandora spun around a corner, but suddenly rushed back behind a rock before Sylvia had a chance to follow her.
 “It’s okay.” Pandora panted, out of breath, “I don’t think she saw me.”
 “Who?” Sylvia asked, more out of breath than Pandora was.
 “Me.” said a tall girl that Pandora had been avoiding. She had black hair that was penetrated by bright streaks of burning red. She had pale blue eyes that had strangely started to turn red as she saw us.
 “Cenaill!” Pandora exclaimed, trying her best to sound as innocent as possible, “How have you been?”
 Cenaill shook her head disapprovingly at her and pulled her up by the tip of our wing. Pandora suddenly became fairly serious and managed to break free of Cenaill’s grip to face her, protecting Sylvia with her other wing.
 “Don’t get in my way Cenny, and certainly not today.”
 Cenaill hissed at her with an alarming sound of threat that made Sylvia jump. Pandora, on the other hand, couldn’t batter an eyelid and pushed her to the side with her free wing. Then, with no warning whatsoever, she grabbed Sylvia by the wrist and took flight. By this time me, Hayden and Chaz had heard the commotion and got there in time for Chaz to take a shot to disorientate her. The shot missed and managed to shoot a passing bird in the skull with a crack. Chaz cursed and ran down the lane, while Hayden and I attended to Cenaill, who had taken a harder hit than she had probably felt.
 Pandora observed the landscape and realised a huge falcon was directing its course directly at the girls. She looped in the air, banking to the right and just avoiding a collision with the muscular wing of the falcon. Sylvia looked back to see their attacker, who now had transformed into Chaz with falcon wings sprouting from his spine.
 That’s just weird...
 Pandora jerked her head to the left and dived towards a gap in the trees, just avoiding another arrow.
 She laid Sylvia on the ground carefully and concentrated on the floor.
 “Don’t move,” Pandora ordered as her eyes rolled back in her head and she held her hand out.
 Suddenly, a ring of fire surrounded Sylvia and she felt the floor move. She looked beneath her hand and saw the ground ripple. Pandora quickly shoved something into Sylvia’s hand and told her to hold on to it. Suddenly, she fell through the floor and landed with a thud in the Shrink’s office.
 She stood up, feeling light headed again. She looked out of the window. Pandora stood on the same building she was before she took Sylvia to the valley. She gave Sylvia a solemn look, shook her head and walked away, leaving Sylvia to wonder what just happened, until her parents and the Shrink came back in to see her confused and frightened expression.
 “Sylvie, dear! What’s wrong?”
 For god’s sake...

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