What is life if it isn't in a bottle?

This is my entry for the adventure competition

Basically, long story short, it's a girl who lives in a bottle.

Inspiration; a song called Move Along by The All American Rejects. Why? I don't really know.


2. Magus Potestas.

Behind the mountains that towered into the sky like city skyscrapers, was a river that ran down the middle of the land. Within the river were the million voices; shallow whispers that echoed from the river bed telling you of your fortune. Beyond the river was a village of around 50 thatched houses, homes to the warriors of the country and their families. The camp fire remained lit every minute of the day, surrounded by boulders and chopped bark ready for mid-day. Surrounding the village is the amare forest; The forest of unrequited love. Nobody was entirely sure why the forest got it's name, or what the forest contained for that reason. No resident had ever been beyond the stretch of desert land, but they were unaware of the sites it held. The trees towered as high as the eye could see, creating a majestic canopy which became like a lid on a jar. Any trunk was invisible; they were wrapped with the gripping arms of ivy which ran along the floor, from tree to tree. Small man made wigwams that had long ago been abandoned were lent up them for support but the rain had turned the wood into green moss. There was no end to the forest; it was limitless. You could walk and walk and you'd never reach the end, just a long empty road of violet fields and varieties of trees. Within the desert land I mentioned are scatterings of ancient tomb stones, and pyramids that create bases to festivals and carnivals which run through the town every quarter of a year. When the winds pick up late February the deserts move by a few hundred meters, as the gusts of wind pick up the grains of sand and carry then along the way. Over the years, the desert has moved so much the pyramids are now on the very outskirt of the land, and within 10 years they will become part of the rural land. Daylight in Magus Potestas lasts for 15 out of the 20 hours of the day, and the rest the sky turns red which indicates the start of 'feasting'. The Magians are much like animals that hibernate, and will only rest for 4 months in the middle of the year. Unlike any other living organism however, they don't 'sleep' throughout any part of the day. If they do, unthinkable punishments lay ahead.

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