What is life if it isn't in a bottle?

This is my entry for the adventure competition

Basically, long story short, it's a girl who lives in a bottle.

Inspiration; a song called Move Along by The All American Rejects. Why? I don't really know.


4. 'I wish you a peaceful sleep'

'As your Mayor whilst my husband is out serving for our country, I have a responsibility to look after you as a village, as a community, as individuals. I also, as a mother, have the responsibility to be a role model to my children and to do them both proud. I have gone out of my way to provide a comfortable four months for everyone. A new tree trunk has been made, with a weather proof coating, and with added space to fit everyone. I am fully aware that the population of Magus Potestas is increasing so I deemed it appropriate to provide new sleeping equipment. I would like to thank the helpers who knitted 2000 duvets out of leaves and flower petals in under a week, and also to the people who provided these materials. Now we are all here, I would like everyone to file into the trunk, we have one hour to do this. Inside each section is labeled by family in alphabetical order, and next to this is your pile of sleep wear. Once the hour is up, the lamps will go off and the four months sleep will begin. May I remind everyone, as loved members of the community, that waking and getting up during these next four months is prohibited and breaking the rules leads to unknown consequences. I hope that nobody lets the community down and everyone continues to reach my high expectations. Finally, I want to thank everyone for their contribution to the preparation and my children Gabe and Perla for sticking by me during this hard period. With our prayers and thoughts, are army will come back successful and healthy. I wish you all a peaceful sleep' 

I watch my mother leave the stand, as the crowd erupt into claps and cheers. She doesn't show any emotion, but I know inside every part of her is burning with embarrassment. At the end of the day she never signed up for this. Finally the applause quietens down, and people begin to file down the street into the trunk. Around there is a sea of bustling, and a sea of happy faces. I join the que with mother and Gabe, close my eyes, and pray for my father.

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