Top 5 Movellas of the Week!

Since Dann, Jess and Adam (cause he isn't on Movellas anymore, DAMN) haven't written lately. We're going to write our own weekly favourites! Keep up the writing!


3. Week 2

The Owl Key - jillybean10 - E.B

This is for everyone who is missing Harry Potter. Since the end of Harry Potter, I know I've been looking for fantasy novels that could compare. So far, I've found The Pegasus series by Kate O'Hearn, but that's more for anyone who loves Greek Mythology and Percy Jackson. Anyway, back to what I was saying. This fanfiction takes part 13 years after Harry defeats the Dark Lord, Voldemort. It's from the perspective of Lily, Harry's daughter as she is about to attend Hogwarts. So this is a perfect choice for anyone who is craving for a little more Potter.


The wolf's howl - Shadowed - E.B

Okay! I'm gonna say this now. I'm a sucker for Roman, Greek and basically any type of mythology. Plus, I adore wolves. I love this Movella. I really do. It's got a wolf, so I automatically had to read it. I personally think it resembles the Roman legend of Romulus and Remus. Where they were left in the forest and they were raised by a mother wolf as her own. Anyway, if you like wolves, this is for you.

Little Things - Lia is a cookie - A.M.J 

This is my first choice, I was looking through people's movellas seeing if any interested me, and I went on Lia's profile and saw she had attempted at a One Direction fanfiction and I had to check it out (I love 1D). It's awesome. So you have to read it. It's about a girl who gets drunk and One Direction take her back to where they live (that's all she has written at the moment). It's very well written and I think you should read it if you're a 1D fan or not (I also think it's a great idea and it's very unique!) 

Midnight Rays - So Funny Forgot To Laugh - A.M.J 

This is my second choice. It's a really great read. It's a Twilight fanfiction. I just realised, I have done a 1D fanfic and a Twilight fanfic again . . . Oops. It's about Renesmee when she is older. This movella won the Twilight competition, not surprised, it is a really well written movella. Even though there are factual errors, but I let those slide since it is a fanfiction. You have to read it, I promise you you won't be disappointed. 

The Secret Diary of a Red-Headed Emo - Living for paradise - A.M.J & E.B 

We both decided to do this movella as the fifth. (Well A.M.J decided, it would be kinda unfair that E.B chose her own book, and A.M.J didn't choose it because E.B wrote it, she genuinely likes the story) This movella is about a red-headed emo who keeps a diary, similar to A.M.J's movella "The Diary of an Emo" except my emo gets abused by her Dad and doesn't have any crushes on any boys. The book is well written and descriptive but I think the story stands out the best. 

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