Top 5 Movellas of the Week!

Since Dann, Jess and Adam (cause he isn't on Movellas anymore, DAMN) haven't written lately. We're going to write our own weekly favourites! Keep up the writing!


2. Week 1

Our first choices are...

100th Hunger Games by Bananagirl - E.B

Personally, I am a sucker when it comes to the Hunger Games, mad on the books. But this is awesome! I love the main character's name. Artemis Johung. Artemis is the best goddess of them all! I also love the twist she's put on the 4th Quarter Quell. While writing my version of the 100th Hunger Games, I got stuck with the idea, but she's set it out beautifully. It's brilliant. Best Hunger Games Fanfiction I've read do far!


Wizards vs. Time Lords vs. Sherlock vs. Twilight vs. Hunger Games vs. House of Night vs. Star Wars vs. Maximum Ride vs. Kingdom Hearts vs. NMBC by Kieva Rising (Long name might I say) - E.B

Brilliant idea! So far what she has written is amazing and very unique. Though I do worry that she doesn't get everything mixed up, but I'm pretty sure Kieva has got it under control! So far, Rory, Amy and The Doctor has met Neville Longbottom, I went to read more but....! There was no more! You'll have to wait and see what else there is to offer, cause I am!


Nice to meet you again (1D love story) by Kelly G - A.M.J 

I'm not crazy about One Direction, but I have to admit I'm starting to like their music, plus writing 1D fanfics myself isn't helping. I love this story, I found it on the front page and I was bored, so I read it. It's original (other than 1D in it) and a really good read. I couldn't stop reading it. What it is about is a girl called Kelly enters a competition to go on tour with the one and only One Direction and she wins (of course, it would be a crap story if she didn't win!). I also like the sequel too, I would do another review on it but it's the sequel so, I thought I should review another book I like. The sequel is called Love over jealousy. Both books are amazing and the sequel is still not finished yet. So, go and check these books out! 


Lucky - Alix -A.M.J

I love this story. It's a Twilight fanfic and it's in the P.O.V of Renesmee and it starts from the point where the stupid Volturi enter. It's really, really descriptive, I won't say what happens because I don't want to ruin it. But, you should definitely check it out! (Also have a box of tissues handy too!) If you don't like Twilight you should still check it out since it is awesome (I know everyone isn't a Twilight fan). 


Hurting the one you love - ldsauthor15 - E.B and A.M.J 

We chose this one because it is a really good story and it covers a very serious topic that affects many people across the UK. (Not sure about anywhere else). It's about a girl called Skye who is abused by her boyfriend, Dominic, but at work she falls in love with someone called Tom. It has a happy ending, which means there is no tissues needed. Apart from the few grammar and spelling mistakes (if you're picky about things like that, I know I (AMJ) is). The book also continues in a sequel called Just one of the drunks.... We think you should definitely give this a read (and the sequel too, if you get time!). 


We hope you get around to reading these Movellas as they are all amazing in their own ways! This is E.B & A.M.J signing off for this week!



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