Chuck - Fan Fiction

When normal guy, Chuck receives an email from a college friend which downloads secret government information into his head, he is forced to work with the beautiful CIA agent, Sarah Walker and NSA agent, John Casey to take down different evil agencies.


2. The Start

I was sitting in my room playing video games with Morgan, who is my best friend of 20 years, when a sudden beep started sounding from my computer. I slowly placed the controller down onto the comforter and Morgan started to leave. Once Morgan was gone, I quickly went over to the computer and was surprised to see that the email was from college ex-friend, Bryce Larkin.

Bryce Larkin was my friend from our sorority at college. Well, he was my friend before he got me kicked out of Stanford and took Jill, my (obvious) ex-girlfriend away from me. So, naturally I had some indecent feelings towards him and we didn't speak. So I was more than surprised at the beeping from my computer was from an incoming email from Bryce.

I opened up his email and saw that there was an attachment, possibly a "I'm sorry" e-card, which everyone in their sane mind knows I'm not going to forgive him. But I was surprised when rapid pictures started to flash on the screen lasting all night long. I was put in some sort of trance, so when they finally ended at 7:00 the next morning, I passed out. What did Bryce do this time?

"Dude, wake up, we've got to go to work." Morgan said as he passed through my open window.

I blinked my eyes repeatedly and looked around my room. I felt different, heavier, as if I was carrying a large secret.

After having breakfast and saying good morning and goodbye to Ellie and Captain Awesome, I jumped in the Nerd Herd Car with Morgan and drove to the Buy More. Ellie's my sister and she took care of me when both our parents ran out on us and Captain Awesome, or rather Devon, is her boyfriend who moved in with us. 

We got to the Buy More, the unfortunately creepy electronics store, I went to my shift at the nerd herd and Morgan got to his post as a salesman. Morgan started to come over and talk to me as a phone rang. 

I started to sing hold music while the person on the phone waited, "Vicky vale, vick vicky vale, vicky vale, vi-" I dropped the phone and Morgan and I stared at the beauty in front of us. 

"Hi," she said, "My phone is broken, I was wondering if you could fix it?" the blonde beauty smiled at me.

"I, uh, I, uh," I stuttered. Great first impression, "Yeah, sure." I finally found words.

"When will it be done?" she asked.

"Uh, let me see what's wrong with it." I looked around at the phone and found the issue and fixed it. I handed the  phone back to her. 

"Thanks, by the way, I'm Sarah." she said as she left a card on the desk and left. I looked at the card and it had a phone number on it, BOO YAH.

And the next day I came to work, there she was again. 

"Hey, I think my phone's not receiving calls, because I never got one from you." she said.

"Ooh." Morgan said.

I motioned him away and he backed out with his arms up and his hands by his head. "Sorry, I was really busy."

"Well, I was wondering if you were free tonight?" she asked.

"Yes, he is definitely free," Morgan cut in.

I motioned him with my facial expression and said, "That would be great."

"Great, pick me up at 8, here's my address." she said as she handed me a card with her address. 

Little did I know, I was about to become an asset for the CIA and NSA.

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