Chuck - Fan Fiction

When normal guy, Chuck receives an email from a college friend which downloads secret government information into his head, he is forced to work with the beautiful CIA agent, Sarah Walker and NSA agent, John Casey to take down different evil agencies.


3. The Date

As soon as we had gotten through half of the date, it didn't take me too long to realize that this wasn't really a date.

How did I figure this out, exactly? Simple. When I was challenged to disable a bomb and my date was throwing knives at agents and pointing guns at me, it sort of hit me that it was possible that this wasn't a real date. Of course, the details about this I found out much later.

We went to my favorite dancing club after finding out that Sarah had, mysteriously, no preference at all for music. I tried to stop her, but she insisted that we went on the dance floor as she slyly threw knives around the room, trying to neutralize undercover NSA agents. Why the NSA and CIA were after me, I had no idea. Well, I take that back. I had one idea.

After taking out the NSA agents, Sarah grabbed my hand and ran outside.

Me, not knowing what had just happened asked, "What is going on?"

"Chuck, give me your car keys," she said as she jiggled the driver side handle of The Nerd Herd car.

"I'm sorry, but its company policy that a Nerd from the Nerd Herd has to drive the car." I said back, but by then she had already picked the lock and was hopping inside the car as I held my eyes wide open at her amazing skill with locks. I hopped into the seat beside her.

"Duck down!" She said as bullets started flying toward our head as we drive backwards from the music club. "Tell me when and where to turn."

"Now!" I said as the Chevy Suburban came at us and teased the little Nerd Herd car by smashing the front of it.

"Which way? Too late." She said as she turned down a set of cement stairs. The car jumped up and down on the stairs until coming down past a toll.

Skateboarders watched in awe as we came flying down the staircase, with the NSA agent deciding to take a safer approach to the situation.

The Chevy came speeding down the road and T-boned us. The NSA agent apparently decided we were most likely injured and couldn't move. Fortunately, he was wrong.

Sarah took my wrist as we hopped out of the car and spoke into her watch, "We are on foot. Track our location."

We made a run for it past the toll booth, but the NSA agent was barreling towards us. Sarah's quick thinking and amazing ability with a knife saved us as she threw a knife at the button that raised pedestals from the ground. We ducked behind them as the Chevy smashed into the pedestal. But we hadn't won yet...we kept running until we got to the top of a roof that would take us away in a helicopter. But the helicopter wasn't quick enough to join our party. The NSA agent had reached us first.

"I'm going to point the gun at you, but trust me." Sarah said. I started to panic.

And suddenly, the NSA agent had his gun pointed at Sarah and Sarah had a long silver barrel directed towards my face. I was freaking out like any sane person would, but I knew to trust Sarah, somehow.
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