The Werewolf Sitter

19 year old Hayley puts an add in the local paper as a baby sitter to earn money to fix her dads car before he comes back from America. Luckily a family hire her. But this is no ordinary family...


1. A Ruined Car

Oh God. What have I done? My dad’s well-loved dark blue jaguar now looked like a crumpled Ford that was involved in a crash involving a lorry. The silver jaguar that once stood proud on the front was now in my hand. It was the only part that had remained intact and shiny. The car however, not so much. I didn’t think it was that bad at first, but in daylight it was much worse…  

I remember it all too well, my ‘mates’ Mol and Cat, asked if they could borrow the car for the night. Cat had a driving license, so I didn’t worry about her crashing it. Cat’s car was a bit rusty and old, and she wanted to make a good impression to her boyfriend’s family. So I didn’t see why she couldn’t borrow it. That was the wrong decision. They were coming back from Jack’s (Cat’s Boyfriend) and then they crashed. They didn’t share the details, Mol just said it was ‘terrifyingly horrific’ and thought she had whiplash. None of the two were hurt, thank god, but that car wasn’t really car shaped anymore.  

I had to do something, Mol had donated £100 from her money she was saving to go to America, and Cat said she was gonna give me £250  once she got it but that added with Molly’s contribution still wouldn’t be enough. I had to get a job. I knew I had to get a job one day, but proper jobs are hard to get and I only have 3 months. There was no way I could apply for a job and get one immediately, and there was no way I was going toilet cleaning.

Suddenly it came to me, I’ll put an ad in the newspaper as a baby sitter and dog walker. How hard can looking after dogs and children be? It’s not as if they are wild animals, are they?

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