My version of the twilight saga

This is my twist of twilight instead of her falling in love with Edward he does not come until after she falls in love with Jacob.


2. Surprise!

Bella's point of view

I haven't seen jake in a week after he woke up his father suggested I leave. The bell rang for the end of school I raced to my truck who was that parked next to me
He was pale and had black hair and amber eyes "Hi umm do I know you?"
He smiled a cocky smile. "No my name is Edward I just moved here."
(Motorcycle sounds) "Bella come on let's go!" I turned and there was Jacob only his long hair gone and a tribal looking tattoo on his right upper arm "Jake what-"
"I'll explain when we get back come on!" Then he gave me that devilish smile of his and I was taken.
Jacobs point of view

As Bella got on the back of my bike I stared at the boy the one from my dream and if it was real and he planed to take her all I can say is he. can. try. By the time we got to my house I could tell she was agitated "So where have you been jake what's with the tattoo and your hair?" She looked lost and sad "Bella if I show you something do you promise not to freak?" She looked betrayed "Jacob you can always trust me."
"No Jacob I forbid you to tell her she might not be trustworthy!"
"Sam I'm telling her remember I'm the pack leader now not you"
The conversation in his head stopped he could tell Sam was angry.
I changed into a wolf I could see the fear on her face but she did not run instead she said "Jacob your a werewolf."

Bella's point of view

Well my boyfriend is werewolf . After he changed back he explained how that day when he blacked out he went into a dream state where what happens there is real when he blacked out it was because someone had entered his mind forcibly then he said it was a vampire. And just when I thought it wasn't that bad now a vampire wants to kill my boyfriend and take me for whatever reason. My day could not get any weirder.

Jacobs point of view

Well she took that well I thought to myselfJacob the pack and I need you at Emily's house and hurry there's more than one vampire" suddenly I saw what Sam had seen earlier that day
(Sam stands at the boarder of the the treaty line near the pale ones old home suddenly he sees 3 cars pull up one is the one Jacob saw at Bella's school the Cullen clan.)
"I'll be there soon I'm bringing Bella ill be riding the bike.
Embry, Quil please come escort us to make sure nothing goes wrong"
"Ok Jacob we are on our way"
"Jacob what's wrong?" Bella asked as I dragged her toward my bike "nothing we are going to visit my pack" "Jacob look behind you."
Jacob turned and looked behind him there stood one of the Cullen clan "You are breaking the treaty blood sucker." (Edward laughs) "You don't scare me mutt I'm here for her she's mine and I'm here to take her." "And like I told you when you intruded in my mind."
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