My version of the twilight saga

This is my twist of twilight instead of her falling in love with Edward he does not come until after she falls in love with Jacob.


1. The turning

Ok I realize for every one who might read this no I did not read the books ok don't give me crap this is just what I wanted to happen and I did read the last book and the well part of the first so. My cousin and my BFF gave me crap about it so please if you don't like it ok but please don't freak on me ok thank you

Btw Jacob visited her during her whole first week of school and he asked her out she said yes because she has had a small crush on him since she moved back to forks.
I'm skipping to the end of her first week of school.

Bella's point of view

"Hey jake what are you doing here?" He smiled his stunning smile "I'm here to pick up my girlfriend." "Really" I said "and is she beautiful?" "The most beautiful girl in the whole world!" He exclaimed jumping on his motorcycle. "So lets head to your house and get your bag so we can go."

Jacobs point of view

When we got to my house I started feeling really hot "Jacob are you ok?!"
"B-Bella....." And then everything went black.

Jacobs dream
He was standing in a field and across the way was a boy his age but pale with black hair and black eyes suddenly he opened his mouth to reveal sharp fangs in the blink of an eye he was 3 feet away from Jacob "she is mine you damn dog ill kill you!"
An animal like growl escaped Jacobs mouth " if you talk about Bella ill die before I let you touch her!!!" "Oh yes" came the boys reply "you'll die all right!"
End of dream

Jacob awoke to Bella sitting by his bed "Bella?" "Jacob oh my god you woke up finally!"
"How long was I out?" She looked at him with sad eyes "A week jake you were out for a week."
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