Loved You First

*Liam and Zayn fanfic ~~~~~~~ *One Direction not famous~~~~~~~~~ Harry Styles new step sister, Jennifer, can always find a way to ruin a part of his life. His friendship with Zayn and Liam is falling apart because of Jennifer and he will do anything to save it.


3. Typical Teenage Girls

~ Jennifer's P.O.V.~

"Hey Jenn!" Katherine Peterson, a tall, tan, and brunette teenager called from her car. I ran over to  her in the pink heels and white dress I wore.

"OMG Kat! You won't believe what happened last night! Harry dumped a whole glass of water on my head!" I told my best friend.

"OMG why!"

"For no reason! Anyways I need you to help me think of a way to get him back."

"I don't know! I'll help you later. but GUESS WHAT?" She asked me, clearly excited.

"I don't know, what?" I asked.

"Okay you know that really cute guy with blonde hair who always wears tanks and snap backs? and I have had a crush on since forever?"


"Yeah! Well, he asked me to the dance!" Kat replied.

"Yay!" We jumped up and down.

~Harry's P.O.V.~

I watched with my friends as Jenn and Kat jumped up and down in excitement. It was pathetic! They were such girls!

"Look at them. What could be so exciting that they jump around like idiots?" I asked.

"I don't know. Girls get excited over everything." Niall said while shoving the last of his breakfast in his mouth.

"Yeah, someone probably asked one of them to the dance or something." Louis replied.

"Who would ask them?" I laughed mocking my step sister and her friend.


I stopped laughing and looked at Niall who just swallowed his food.

"I asked Katherine." He said slowly.

"YOU WHAT! How? Why?" I asked disgusted.

"Because I like her!" He defended himself.

I shuttered. "Kat? Why Kat? Out of all the girls in this school, my step sister's best friend?"

"Well she's not exactly ugly." Louis put in and Liam nodded in agreement.

I looked at them in shock. "Are you serious? What about you Zayn? You agree with me right?" I turned around. Where was Zayn? How come he was never here when we were mocking Jenn?

"Zayn isn't here yet." Liam told me.

I glared at him. "You don't say."

Just then the bell rang and everyone started to rush to their first class.

"Don't worry, Niall. He is probably just in a mood." Zayn came up and reassured him.

"Oh sure, now you come!" I rolled my eyes then walked away, angry.

~Zayn's P.O.V.~

What was Harry's problem anyways? Niall looked pretty upset and Louis and Liam looked a little surprised. I ignored it and walked to my first class. History. The day seemed to be going pretty fast and I was grateful.

Soon it was lunch and I was glad because I hadn't eaten breakfast. I ordered my food then looked around for Harry and the others. I found them sitting down at a table towards the middle. I sat down next to Harry.

"So what are we talking about?" I asked.

"Just how Niall asked Katherine Peterson to the dance." Louis told me smiling.

"Who's Katherine Peterson?" I asked

"Yeah can't we talk about something else?" Niall pleaded.

"Like what?" Liam asked.

"Like.. err... Zayn's hair! yeah. That's a good topic."

"What about my hair!" I put my hands around my hair to protect it.

"Sorry Niall, I think we'll stay on this topic." Louis teased him.

"I don't know. I think Zayn's hair is an okay topic." Harry replied, obviously trying to avoid the topic as well.

"Incoming! High school girls alert! Wee woo weee wooo! CAUTION! CAUTION!" Louis impersonated a siren. I  looked behind me to see two girls walking over to our table. "Wee woo wee woo!" Louis kept repeating. "CAUTION! CAUTION!"

"Will you shut up?" I told Louis. When the girls reached our table one of them leaned over between Harry and I and whispered into Harry's ear. Her blonde hair was in my face and I leaned back. When she moved away she flip Niall and he smiled back. I'm guessing that was Katherine. They both left to a different table.

"Who were they?" I asked Harry.

"Katherine and Jennifer." Harry replied rolling his eyes.

"and they are..."

"Jennifer is my step sister and Katherine is her best friend." He mumbled.

"Oh." I looked back over my shoulder at the table where they sat. The blonde one had her back facing me.I still couldn't see her face. I turned around when Harry punched my arm.

"What was that for?"

"I was talking to you!"

"What did you say?"

"Of course you would no who they were if you were actually with the rest of us when we are mocking and teasing them."

"You mock and tease them?" I asked.

"Yeah." He said impatiently.


"Why not? She's my step sister." He replied

"So?" I ask.

"So what?" He seemed confused.

I shook my head. "Never mind."

Harry looked mad about Jennifer and when I looked over at Niall he was still looking at Katherine at the other table. Typical teenage girls. Either on a guys last nerve or got them wrapped around their finger.

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