Not The Day - Sequel to Night Club **COMPLETE**

The sequel to my best movella 'Night Club'


16. What???

Niall was red. His head was bleeding,
I shouted,
"He's out cold,"
a docter stated,
I cried into his neck, I kissed his forhead,
I screamed suddenly,
"What is it Em?"
Harry said,
"The b-baby,"
I bearly even whipsered,
"Take my hand,"
He said,
"N-no, I am n-not g-going to t-touch you!"
I stammered,
I was then pulled into darkness.
I woke up in hopsital,
Harry asked,
"You kinda gave birth in your sleep..."
"He is fine, he is awake."
I just smiled...
"Where is the baby?"
he handed my a tiny figure no taller than the width of a bedside table,
I grinned,
Niall walked in,
I said as he walked over to my bed. He hugged me and looked at my cradled arms,
"Say hello to Billy, Niall."
"Hello Bill!"
He said sweetly,
I handed Niall our baby,
"He has your nose."
Niall whispered,
I looked up and he kissed me on the nose,
I heard Harry mumble,
"I heard that,"
he stormed off,
"Our very own family,"
"Where is Sadie?"
he took his phone out and then Niall's buzzed,
"Thanks man, wait WHAT? YOU TOOK HER TO THE BAR!!!!!"

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