Not The Day - Sequel to Night Club **COMPLETE**

The sequel to my best movella 'Night Club'


4. WHAT?!

"So why are you here anyway Em?"
Flo asked
"She doesn't know, I havn't told her"
Harry butted in,
"We are here to adopt, Surprise,"
He said gloomily,
I ran over and hugged him,
I whisper/screamed into his ear.
"No problem babe,"
He said as I pulled away,
"Let me introduce you to the kids, first, here are their files, have a look,"
Florence pulled out twelve blue files and handed six to Harry and six to me,

Sadie Bakers:
Birthdate: 13/07/2000
Interests; football, energetic things,
Mood rating: 19/20
Problems as such; allergic to nuts, anger issues

I whispered,
He replied, 
"Sadie Bakers, perfect!"
I squealed,
"She is twelve years old she loves football and energetic things and she has a mood rating of 80% Happiness, 19/20."
I said,
"But what if something goes wrong and her anger issues come up?"
He asked,
"All kids in here get anger issues I-"
I was about to say 'I was one of them'...
he questioned,
"Don't worry, Florence!"
I called,
"Yes Em?"
"We would like to meet Sadie Bakers,"
I said calmly as she left the room. I gripped Harry's hand and kissed his cheek, Florence soon entered again with a blonde girl with hazel eyes. I ran my fingers through my blonde and blue hair,
I said shyly,
She said enthusiasticly.
Harry said holding out his hand for a high five, she accepted and high fived him.
"We were thinking of adopting you Sadie. We are quite rich, and I'm famous, and we'd love to have a family."
Harry carried on,
She let out a huge smile and said,
"REALLY?! Wow! This is like the best day ever!"
Me and Harry smiled to eachother. 
"We think that you would love it in our flat, and when Harry goes on tour, we can go to!"
I said,
"S-so your definatly fostering me?"
She said,
"Sadie, if we fostered you it would only be temporery. We are adopting, so you can live with us forever and ever."
Harry said,
"Miss Ellins, can I please go and pack my bags?"
She asked politly,
"Yes you may Sadie!"
She granted her,
I hugged Harry so hard I could hear him wince,
"I love you so much Harold,"
I said to him,
"I love you to Emmzie,"
He replied,
"Aw! Young love,"
Florence said,
I just smiled and took in the fact, I was going to have an amazing daughter!

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